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Re: [cros-dev] Re: Upstreaming emerge improvements (was: Goodbye Frankenbuild: New workflow for correct incremental builds)

Tien-Ren Chen Aug 16, 2010 7:12 AM
Posted in group: Chromium OS dev
I just shared two documents with all recipient in this thread.
I planned to first reply to this thread to explain the purpose of that
two documents,
but I checked to send notification by accident. *ouch*

The document titled "Cross-compile EAPI draft" is to document the
proposed HDEPEND EAPI draft,
and added some possible required variables for proper supporting
Correction and comments are welcome, all of you in the CC list have
edit permission to it.

The other document titled "cross-compile troubles" describe the
trouble I met while hacking with Paludis.
Some of the problems are already properly fixed in the current
portage-based build flow that I'm just repeating the same fix with
while some of the problems are real problems that is hidden by
implementation-defined behavior of portage (for example, order of
merging package) or other toolchain, those packages should be fixed
properly for better deterministic behavior.
This document is more like a personal note. I'm trying to make it more
complete to document all the fix we did for cross-compile,
so it gives a better picture for new people to hack on our build
system, and also helps us to design the PMS to be more cross-compile
Again, any correction and comments are welcome.