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PSA: Chrome for Linux planning to drop NPAPI support as soon as April

Max Heinritz Jan 7, 2014 4:04 PM
Posted in group: Chromium-dev
Hi Chromium community,

In September 2013, we announced that NPAPI support will be phased out of Chrome in 2014, with the following schedule:
  • January: block NPAPI plug-ins by default
  • Mid-year: more aggressive blocking (different UI, smaller whitelist)
  • Before end of 2014: remove support completely
The update here is that Linux NPAPI support may be dropped as early as M34 (goes to Stable in early April).  The reason for this timeline is that we've decided not to implement NPAPI support in Linux Aura.  We feel comfortable doing so because affected plug-ins all have 30-day launch rates below .7% of Linux Chrome users.

A few things to keep in mind:
  1. So long as they are not too crazy, we might accept patches to add NPAPI support to Linux Aura. (We won't commit to supporting it or shipping it though.)
  2. Once we stop supporting NPAPI on Windows, we'll proceed to remove the code entirely for all platforms, including Linux Aura.
Let us know if you have questions.