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Re: [chromium-dev] provisional load failure with net::ERR_ABORTED

Darin Fisher Apr 15, 2011 9:07 AM
Posted in group: Chromium-dev
First off, a provisional load happens when a Frame (DOM Window) is asked to navigate, but the
HTTP response has not yet been received.  We haven't yet disturbed the existing Document in
the Frame.

Once the HTTP response headers are available, we can inspect the MIME type, and decide how
to render it.  If we determine that the response can be rendered by WebKit or a plugin, then we
set about replacing the Document with a new one in which we will render the HTTP response.
This causes the corresponding provisional load to transition to a normal load.  (See RenderView::

Now, answering your question... if the HTTP response is interrupted while the corresponding load
is still provisional, then RenderView::didFailProvisionalLoad will be called.  Otherwise, if the load
had already been committed, but failed to be downloaded fully, then RenderView::didFailLoad
will be called.

The error code net::ERR_ABORTED is intended to only be generated when a user action causes
a load to be interrupted.  This can happen when a new navigation interrupts an existing one, or
when the user clicks the STOP button.


On Thu, Apr 14, 2011 at 2:55 PM, oshima <> wrote:
(from right address this time)


Can someone tell me the difference between provisional load error and plain "load error", and
in which condition RenderView::didFailProvisionalLoad is called with net::ERR_ABORTED?
I'm getting this when loading a page right after network connection is (supposed to be) resumed,
and want to know exactly why and how.

- oshima

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