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A writable git repo for collaboration and code dumps

Isaac Levy May 10, 2013 1:19 AM
Posted in group: blink-dev
Hi all,

We now have a blink repository which accepts pushes by
chromium committers. This repository keeps refs/heads/*
closely in sync with the official git mirror (normal delay <5s).

Here's a quickstart guide for using:
1) Navigate to, log in with your
    chromium account, click 'Generate New Password', and follow the
2) cd <blink_src>; git remote add -f wip
<hack on some code, commit locally>
3) git push wip HEAD:refs/wip/ilevy/awyeah

This creates a publicly accessible branch. Any developer can pull
with: git fetch wip '+refs/wip/ilevy/awyeah:refs/heads/awyeah'

You can also run:
git config --add remote.wip.fetch '+refs/wip/ilevy/*:refs/wip/ilevy/*'
and then use 'git fetch wip'

Please restrict pushes to the refs/wip namespace, specifically in the
following format: refs/wip/<username or codeword>/<branch name>

That's all for now :-)



Q: Why not change my origin url to the experimental remote?
A: Gclient sync will change origin back to the official mirror.
    Patches to gclient (specifically are welcome.
Q: git push freezes!
A: The wip remote may be stale. Try running git fetch wip.
Q: How do I delete a branch?
A: Users with push also have delete (and force push) permissions.
    git push wip :refs/wip/ilevy/iaccedentally
Q: There's another chromium git repository that I want to collaborate on.
A: Send me an email.