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Intent to Deprecate as vendor-specific: webkitRequestAnimationFrame

Philip Jägenstedt Mar 11, 2014 12:55 AM
Posted in group: blink-dev
This is a test balloon for "Criteria for deprecation vs. removal":

Primary eng (and PM) emails


Kindly inform Web developers that they should use requestAnimationFrame instead with this message:

"'webkitRequestAnimationFrame' is vendor-specific. Please use the standard 'requestAnimationFrame' instead."


Pages that fails to use the standard requestAnimationFrame when available make it impossible for webkitRequestAnimationFrame to ever be removed. More importantly, it can contribute to browser engine lock-in. (Not must, because it's possible the script would fall back to the standard API.)

Compatibility Risk

None, removal is not imminent.

Usage information from UseCounter


This is above the threshold for removal, but low enough that developers won't get spammed with warnings and start (continue?) ignoring them.

Entry on

Requesting approval to remove too?