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Blink 2014 Goal Brainstorming

Eric Seidel Jan 10, 2014 1:32 PM
Posted in group: blink-dev

Some of the web platform team at Google recently met to plan for 2014.  I’d like to share some of our thoughts with the larger Blink community and solicit your own.

Web usage continues to shift from desktop to mobile.  Yet the mobile web remains far from reaching its potential -- in part because web engines (e.g. Blink) are not nearly as good on performance-constrained devices as they need to be.  To be successful on mobile, Blink must exit 2014 much more mobile-awesome.

Primarily this means improving Blink’s performance on less-powerful devices.  Blink should be hands-down the best performing mobile web engine.  We must achieve:

  • Constant improvement to our core metrics

    • Smoothness (scrolling & 60hz animation)

    • Input Responsiveness

    • Initial Load Time

  • #1 on (credible/realistic) mobile web benchmarks

  • Reduced memory consumption

  • Lowest power consumption

Additionally we need to continue to improve the mobile web platform itself -- make it easy for authors to ship fast, awesome web apps.  In 2014 we plan to:

  • Expose capabilities on the open-web competitive to “native” offerings

    • Responsive images

    • ServiceWorker

      • Improved permissions model on the open-web

      • Better-than-AppCache Offline

      • Push notifications

    • Device capabilities (Screen Orientation, Presentation API, etc.)

  • Empower better App frameworks by rationalizing the platform layering [1]

    • Web Animations, Pointer Events, Custom Elements, etc.

  • Improve our own (and enable others to build) mobile-focused web developer tools

    • Make it easy to find fast paths and figure out when/why you fall off

    • Expose mobile design & performance insights in DevTools.

    • Enable building modern batteries-included developer workflows for the Web (e.g. crash reporting, package management, IDE, testing infrastructure)

    • Create, share and consume our guidelines for making responsive mobile apps

Finally, the long-term health of both the web platform and the Blink project must always be a top priority.  In 2014 we need to:

  • Find ways to deprecate & remove large platform features with minimal breakage.

  • Merge Blink repository into Chromium without loss of history.

  • Add safer (garbage collected) memory management (Oilpan). [2]

  • Update Blink to be more multi-process aware and ready for out-of-process iframes. [3]

  • Further modularize and homogenize Blink codebase.

  • Reduce the time from when we ship a feature to when developers can use it.

  • Make Blink and Chromium more accessible and welcoming to all contributors.

We are a very large project with many diverse ideas.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts! Hopefully this summary of some of our thinking will help inform your own planning for 2014.