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[blink-dev] Intent to Implement: picture element

Yoav Weiss Apr 21, 2013 1:35 PM
Posted in group: blink-dev
Yoav Weiss -


Enable a responsive images solution by giving developers control over the image resource that is downloaded & displayed using multiple resources, each with its own media attributes. 

Responsive Web Design is the new hotness, and it has many advantages when developing Web sites to be viewed across a large variety of screen sizes and resolutions. One of the major criticisms of RWD is its performance, and the fact that it doesn't take advantage of smaller screen sizes to reduce the site's bytesize. Since images are 60% of the average Web site's bytesize, resolving the responsive images problem and serve images in different dimensions and proportions to different screen viewports and resolutions is a big step towards resolving that performance issue. It will also enable Web developers to adapt the images they use to their responsive layout.

Compatibility Risk
The specification is a working draft published 2 months ago. The feature has a popular polyfill used by numerous large sites. Other browser vendors haven't yet expressed intentions to implement the specification.

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