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Intent to Remove: Legacy Web Notifications

Peter Beverloo Feb 28, 2014 4:28 AM
Posted in group: blink-dev
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Remove support for the Legacy Web Notification API, as described in the following document:

Support for HTML notifications was removed in 2013 already, and we deprecated support for this feature in M33. If this Intent is successful, removal will happen for M35 (Stable @ May 20).

Blink will still have support the latest specification:

The API is proprietary to Chrome, has very little usage and leads to another layer of abstraction in Blink's Notification module.

Usage information from UseCounter
As measured using the "LegacyTextNotifications" histogram, UseCounter reported 0.000527% usage over the past 28 days (down from 0.001437% in November).

Compatibility Risk
Reasonably small. This is a proprietary API which only shipped in Chrome and Safari for Mac OS X. UseCounter numbers are very low.

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