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BoringSSL Stable Version Anand Sivaram 2:40 AM
Intent to Deprecate and Remove: Pre-standard ChaCha20-Poly1305 ciphers David Benjamin 1/19/17
Intent to Implement: Dangling markup mitigations. Mike West 1/18/17
blink-dev@ intent thread triage report Ken 1/16/17
An update on SSLv3 in Chrome. Adam 1/11/17
فایلهای آموزشی و کاربردی مهندسین 1/9/17
blink-dev@ intent thread triage report Eduardo' Vela" <Nava> 1/5/17
New Site Security Indicators In Chrome Emily Schechter 1/4/17
2017년도 사업자 별 근로자 법정의무교육 및 근로환경개선 교육 접수안내 한국인력개발진흥원 1/2/17
Intent to Implement and Ship: GREASE for TLS David Benjamin 12/29/16
mikeyd06340, beniehehe 12/23/16
blink-dev@ intent thread triage report Emily 12/22/16
Intent to Deprecate: SHA-1 certificates Ryan 12/20/16
blink-dev@ intent thread triage report. Mike West 12/16/16
<keygen> Chrome Status Entry PhistucK 12/12/16
Amazing 12/11/16
[IMPORTANT] Non-Chrome Chromium embedders and ERR_CERTIFICATE_TRANSPARENCY_REQUIRED Chris Bentzel 12/8/16
Fwd: Quotation Request vijendra 12/5/16
Today 12/1/16
Intent to Ship: Changes to the XSS Auditor. Mike West 11/23/16
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