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Intent to Deprecate: SHA-1 certificates Ryan 12/9/16
[IMPORTANT] Non-Chrome Chromium embedders and ERR_CERTIFICATE_TRANSPARENCY_REQUIRED Chris Bentzel 12/8/16
Fwd: Quotation Request vijendra 12/5/16
Today 12/1/16
Intent to Ship: Changes to the XSS Auditor. Mike West 11/23/16
Intent to Ship: Draft TLS 1.3 1-RTT field trial David Benjamin 11/18/16 Thomas May | IDT Pty Ltd 11/12/16
Intent to Deprecate and Remove: TLS CBC-mode ECDSA cipher suites David Benjamin 10/31/16
Announcement: Requiring Certificate Transparency in 2017 Ryan Sleevi 10/24/16
Intent to Deprecate and Remove: TLS 1.2 ECDSA with SHA-1 and SHA-512 signature algorithms David Benjamin 10/19/16
Testing Powerful Features on Insecure Origins Joel 10/14/16
Q3 Summary from Chrome Security Andrew 10/12/16
Cross-origin server push Chris Bentzel 10/10/16
Re: [blink-dev] New code review tool coming for Chromium-related projects Brian Smith 10/6/16
SSL_CTX_new() returns null Divakar Reddy 10/3/16
Intent to Remove: DHE-based ciphers David Benjamin 9/28/16
Intent to Implement and Ship: GREASE for TLS David Benjamin 9/23/16
Intent to Implement and Ship: RSA-PSS for TLS David Benjamin 9/21/16
Intent to Deprecate and Remove: insecure TLS version fallback David Benjamin 9/20/16
Disabled HPKP for Private Trust Anchors Chad Killingsworth 9/19/16
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