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blink-dev@ intent thread triage report Ken Buchanan 6:17 AM
PSA: Ignoring autocomplete='off' by default for password fields Joel Weinberger 10/14/17
An Update on Malware in the Chrome Web Store 10/10/17
mipim 2018  Sarah 10/9/17
PSA: `ftp://` resources will be marked "Not Secure" Mike West 10/6/17
What are the security expectations / boundaries of the autoplay policy Hanno Böck 10/6/17
$30 BONUS Vincent Nguyen 10/4/17
Intent to Deprecate and Remove: insecure TLS version fallback David Benjamin 10/1/17
Goodbye from our Newsletter, sorry to see you leaving our community. 9/28/17
Check these festivals calling late september: Horror, Docs, Eco, Animation Fests and more Partner Fests 9/27/17
Intent to Remove: Support for commonName matching in certificates Ryan Sleevi 9/26/17
Intent to deprecate: RC4 Adam Langley 9/23/17
CV Attached - Looking for Job Farhan Malik 9/20/17
Tommy Maggio 9/4/17
OFFER Alexey Lubkinav 8/24/17
Q2 Summary from Chrome Security Andrew R. Whalley 8/17/17
help debugging a sandbox issue (sandbox::Credentials::MoveToNewUserNS) Paweł Hajdan, Jr. 8/16/17
Re: webRequests TLS introspection API proposal Chris Bentzel 8/10/17
A website uses Unsupported Protocol - ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMA 8/9/17
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