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This is a public list for discussion, announcements, and questions about the implementation of requestAutocomplete in Chrome.

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requestAutocomplete has been removed from Chrome Navarr Barnier 5/5/16
Requiring payment details for everything Alex MacCaw 1/28/14
Availability of real Wallet server instead of test one ? Laurent Perez 12/30/13
New flag required for testing on http:// Evan Stade 12/30/13
Only showing requested fields on dialog? James Hollenbeck 11/19/13
Autocomplete other fields Peter Buck 11/19/13
Using placeholders rather than labels - poor UX? Jake Archibald 7/30/13
List of accepted credit cards Jared Rapp 6/27/13
[requestautocomplete] requestAutocomplete now available behind a flag on OSX Matt Gaba 6/13/13
Spam Albert Bodenhamer 5/28/13
Using DOM Future Jake Archibald 5/22/13
Providing card details before total cost can be calculated Jake Archibald 5/22/13
CVV James Fisher 5/20/13
Status of Chrome implementation of requestAutocomplete as of 5/15/13. Albert Bodenhamer 5/17/13
Name fields James Hollenbeck 5/17/13
Card tokenization Ilya Haykinson 5/16/13