Ozone is a meta-platform (http://www.chromium.org/developers/design-documents/ozone) for porting Chromium to new platforms that would otherwise require landing a new platform in the chromium tree.

This list is for ozone-related discussions, change notifications, porting help, etc.

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Atomic flip enabling questions William Xie 9/25/15
ozone-GBM on ARM Joe Huang 9/11/15
Cross compiling Chrome with ozone gbm on Linux ARM A9 - Linker error Santhosh Muralidharan 8/24/15
Virtual Keyboard Support In Ozone (content_shell) Christian Schwarzgruber 8/19/15
Touch inputs not working (or not sent to the renderer) Christian Schwarzgruber 8/19/15
Re: Want to understand the display stack in New Freon Jeremy Roman 7/30/15
Ozone Dev environment Image Antonio Piazza 7/20/15
Trouble creating a Centos OZP VM. Antonio Piazza 7/9/15
overlay candidate regression William Xie 6/18/15
Using Ozone and linux kernel framebuffer device Christian Schwarzgruber 6/15/15
Re: power_save_blocker_ozone errors Robert Kroeger 6/1/15
Content_shell with ozone link issue with 42 stable version Aline Picard (apicard) 5/13/15
Which flags do I export properly while building chromium browser code on Chromebook (ChromeOS)? chuck...@intel.com 3/9/15
Determine, why software path is used for rendering in ozone-egl fork grun...@gmail.com 3/6/15
Ozone-gbm in VMware des...@netlove.rs 2/24/15
content_shell not available as target when embedded=1 gaetano...@gmail.com 2/24/15
EGL/GLES with Linux Framebuffer Jasbir 12/24/14
Offscreen rendering to a FBO with Ozone m.su...@gmail.com 12/16/14
Fwd: [chromium-dev] Bug with renderring FBO on ozone egl platform. Yuly Novikov 11/27/14
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