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“firmware_UserRequestRecovery.ec_wp” failure. Martin Yan 12/21/17
FAFTSetup: the device you inserted does not contain Chrome OS Martin Yan 11/30/17
firmware_FAFTSetup failure: Target servo is not a test lab servo Martin Yan 11/3/17
test from Martin Yan Martin Yan 11/3/17
Running faft_bios make ubuntu frozen Chang Casper 5/9/16
FAFT Setup error: failed ec console check! (wizpig) Jason Hong 1/28/16
Multiple machines Icarus W Sparry 10/22/15
Failures in Rollback FAFT tests corrupting images Marc Jones 8/3/15
Failed to start xmlrpc server Darshan Hegde 6/18/15
Mickey: firmware_FAFTSetup failed Jiazi Yang 6/11/15
showkey failure Marc Jones 5/28/15
chromeos-kernel-3_18 Icarus W Sparry 5/18/15
Rambi based faft failing with R39 Marc Jones 9/22/14
firmware_ConsecutiveBoot test T.H. Lin 8/26/14
FAFT test escape? Marc Jones 8/8/14
FAFTSetup errors Uma Mondal 8/8/14
Phase 1 of Firmware Test (FAFT) improvements completed Yusuf Mohsinally 7/7/14
Swanky FAFT issues Marc Jones 6/27/14
missing i2C library with TPMTakeOwnership test Marc Jones 4/30/14
FAFT test AttributeError: 'firmware_CorruptBothFwBodyAB' object has no attribute 'faft_client' Jiazi Yang 4/9/14
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