Chromium OS Development

This is the official group/mailing list for developers of the Chromium OS project.  Any and all development related questions are welcomed here.

If you want to discuss Chromium OS topics that aren't development related, we also have a Chromium OS discussion group you can participate in.

If you want general support for using a Chromebook, you should check out the Chromebook Central groups instead.  There are a ton of users there who can help you out.

If you have questions specific to the browser (rather than the OS), you'll want to use a Chromium browser group.

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Developer channel release 68.0.3431.0 for GOOGLE-EVE breaks 'Terminal' and crosh Micah Catlin 5/20/18
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Can't run PRESUBMIT for the autotest package 5/16/18
Gerrit Performance Gazette, Issue 3 Aaron Gable 5/16/18
minigbm 9999 build working ? Kumar, Abhijeet 5/16/18
PSA: Chrome OS builds now require target_os=["chromeos"] in .gclient Ken Rockot 5/15/18
How to get CPU feature flags in C userspace code without going through /proc/cpuinfo? Simon Que 5/15/18
simple chrome workflow for caroline and terra currently broken Luis Lozano 5/14/18
Re: PSA: old branches have an incompatible GSUtil Jason Clinton 5/14/18
Restrict/block spam / non-chromiumOS related content? Ryan Hansberry 5/14/18
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