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I can install google play store with chrome os build? Micael Dias 9:52 AM
Does kernel ASLR always increase the kernel mapping address? Simon Que 12/9/16
Need to build a recovery image Igor 12/9/16
Add packages to portage-stable with EAPI=6 Zentaro Kavanagh 12/8/16
CrOS portage, gn/ninja, goma Alan Jones 12/8/16
Hooks for swapping left and right channels Nathan 12/7/16
msleep() and power_ in power sequence lead to HANDLER_EXCEPTION Moritz Fischer 12/6/16
Tamara Ray 12/6/16
Download chromeos media recovery on sd card Tamara Ray 12/5/16
Modifying to add library paths? Zentaro Kavanagh 12/5/16
chromeos-chrome fails on boards with x11 Markus Doehr 12/5/16
begain prog./.<> 4CORNERS 12/2/16
repo sync fails with 'Not a git repository' Simon Glass 12/2/16
Some changes "Cannot merge" in gerrit Waldemar Rymarkiewicz 12/2/16
CRAS audio server is not running properly in google onhub MALLIKARJUN PHULARI 12/1/16
Re: build_image prompt Prathmesh Prabhu 12/1/16
build_packages --board=arm64-generic fails Jinhui 11/29/16
emerge of linux-firmware fails after adding new firmware files Waldemar 11/29/16
Re: (2002, "Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)")) Daniel Jacques 11/29/16
PSA: phased migration of primary compiler from GCC to LLVM Luis Lozano 11/23/16
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