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New Support Option for Web Store Developers 6/4/15
Is there a way to make a google chrome extension require another extension? Spikechrisgaming 6/29/15
Chrome Extension popup.html disappears when clicking on the page Halil İbrahim Özdoğan 6/28/15
Récupération url onglet Jonathan Bihan 6/28/15
Java Script Function call Logging muhammad haris 6/28/15
Suggestion/Question: Show extension icons in "application shortcut" page? Glen Little 6/27/15
chrome.runtime.onConnect problem vlpast 6/26/15
Test the extension before publish to store Marcos Fogaca 6/24/15
3rd Party Google Chrome Extension Logins Being Blocked by Google due to Security missmariamac 6/23/15
How to use Publish API to publish to testers Paul Draper 6/23/15
"Chrome Web Store Help" can't submit issue Chih-Hsuan Fan 6/22/15
"Failed - Server Problem" Edwin van der Sanden 6/22/15
Our extension isn't visible in CWS listing & CWS search result Denis Logachev 6/22/15
google chrome manifest.json please help me <3 :( irma 6/21/15
Using my version of jqueryui in extension along with site supplied different one Anurag Gupta 6/21/15
Tab context menu Item addition is it possible? Sakthi Kumar Chandrabose 6/19/15
Display MJPEG stream in a Chrome App Rich Mayfield 6/18/15
chrome usb label printer Rima 6/18/15
Gamepad API in Chrome App Rich Mayfield 6/18/15
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