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New Support Option for Web Store Developers 2/3/15
Chrome extension don't block urls need A SOLUTION. Leonardo Sedevcic 4:38 PM
Native messaging, re: re-establishing a connection with host application after close Chandler Givens 4/17/15
How do I stop a developer warning message every time I open Chrome? John Salerno 4/17/15
Cross-site XHR with permission in content scripts: Broken kurtextrem 4/17/15
When someone buys my extension it stucks to "proccessing" Natsios Kwnstantinos 4/17/15
Popup.html can close when i push a button in it? Natsios Kwnstantinos 4/17/15
Expose an API in my extension John 4/17/15
How to communicate with USB Key in webpage after disabling NPAPI? 秘相友 4/17/15
PNaCl, Native Client mimetype handler sample? kenji uno 4/16/15
widevine a instalace do Chrome Radek Doležal 4/16/15
extension "pending review" from 7 September 2013 Andrew friGate 4/16/15
Get authenticated user's name and avatar? Jody Heavener 4/16/15
Urgent: New Chrome roll out causing production plug-in to disappear Guerry Semones 4/16/15
OAuth Access Token Nuno Lopes 4/16/15
help me! GILANG MUHAMAD 4/16/15
Not searchable Lowell Mower 4/15/15
want to use Send Native Message in chrome.webRequest.onBeforeSendHeaders Ashish Pathak 4/15/15
JavaScriptNotImplemented? Patrice Kast 4/14/15
My extension was rejected without giving any reason Ning Jiang 4/14/15
Running scripts in background? TH TH 4/14/15
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