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New Support Option for Web Store Developers 6/27/17
"browser_action": { "default_popup": "popup.html" }. This fragment from main tutorial. How can I modify "popup.html" and save changes at runtime(This changes must to save and don't reset after restart the chrome)? Anton Krynytskyi 12:50 PM
Force installing Chrome Extensions Jon-Paul Dobson 4:59 AM
Form recovery for Chrome (Lazarus is useless) Jim Hoyle 12:35 AM
url_handlers invalid URL Imgine R 9/20/17
"Layout" print option disappeared when printing PDF file from Google Drive 9/20/17
How to launch a jquery dialog from contextMenus.onClicked Mohit Jha 9/19/17
Chrome Extension crashes during Bluetooth connection (BluetoothSocket API) Javier Cam 9/19/17
Unreasonable rejection of Stylus extension wOxxOm 9/17/17
Override the new tab page with a webpage? Kevin Jennison 9/17/17
problem in inline installation of new extension qwer qass 9/15/17
Fetch 'email id' from xhr response when email is sent by gmail. Pallavi Goyal 9/13/17
Trademark Issue Kwstas Na 9/13/17
Re: Extension help (chrome app client) flashplayer 9/12/17
Could you please help me create an Extension that reload the page full speed and stop when it reach the URL I want. Apprentice 9/12/17
Interact with source panel Erik Codekraft 9/11/17
extension "pending review" from 7 September 2013 friGate 9/11/17
Enabling Dev Channel APIs On Stable PhistucK 9/11/17
shows ?utm_source=inline-install-disabled Karteek Munjal 9/11/17
Is it possible to read/write to a local database inside a chrome extension? Benjamin Moses Lieb 9/10/17
My extension has been copied and published under a different name. What to do? Nim Sardas 9/9/17
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