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New Support Option for Web Store Developers 9/13/16
Detect system-wide keyboard event James 10:31 AM
Detect if ChromeVox is enabled or not from a ChromeApp Sumanta Mishra 9/26/16
Best Ways to Promote a New Extension? Avram Piltch 9/26/16
Chrome Team: Any way to create an option to report extensions that no longer work? George 9/25/16
lena bel 9/24/16
invocation of form runtime.connect(null,) doesn't match definition runtime.connect(optional string extensionId, optional object connectInfo) Sheng Liu 9/24/16
IRC, or Forum for Chrome Extension Development? Luke A 9/24/16
Can not able to access my chrome extension. Azeem Haider 9/24/16
Different ways to show my extension Bruno Ropke 9/23/16
Can I have more than one similar extensions uploaded to the store Mostafa Elsaie 9/23/16
Chrome Extension MHTML in a Popup Luke A 9/22/16
Scammer add-on still not removed Recep Baltaş 9/22/16
Multiple times i want to send messages from my tabs.sendMessage code but i am not getting response from the listner if i am using it multiple times.... Manish Baldota 9/21/16
Detect the foreground app in Chrome OS James 9/20/16
Does Chrome Web Store Payments support enterprise model? Akvelon Inc 9/20/16
Extension dcjfmmlklnmncaeonkfofgahaaiconmd is taken down. Need details Aleksandr 9/20/16
disable developer mode extensions popup (how can i disable it?) youtuber 9/19/16
Anti-DDoS HTTP Throttling of Extension-Originated Requests Osman Şakir Kapar 9/19/16
Develop extensions faster with freshdev Iddan Aharonson 9/17/16
Deploy Chrome Extension to Intranet Michael McGarrity 9/15/16
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