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New Support Option for Web Store Developers 3/10/17
disable developer mode extensions popup (how can i disable it?) youtuber 3/22/17
Why my extension is always rejected? 孟庆龙 3/21/17
Form recovery for Chrome (Lazarus is useless) Jim Hoyle 3/20/17
Extension "Allow access to file URLs" KC 3/20/17
Extension Alyssa Reimold 3/19/17
Extension and URL link Alyssa Reimold 3/19/17
Malicious extensions. Block them. Ronald Fraboni 3/17/17
unable to update the detailed description for extension in chrome web store Brianna Dickey 3/16/17
extensions : unsecure, url in manifest.json “permissions” treated as /* acx01bc 3/16/17
Keep "chrome.notifications.create" alive?! Benjamin 3/16/17
Why is my account suspended? F.L. Bauer 3/16/17
How to earn vi chrome extension Gaurav Kumar 3/16/17
history back on the parent page causes page refresh in IE Chrome and Safari... after i close aDialog (which loads an Iframe) Partho Ghosh 3/16/17
Reverse Extension ID Search JBeardNC 3/16/17
Google Docs selected text Paul Sylliboy 3/16/17
Context Menu in chrome extensions Anuj Godase 3/14/17
Best Ways to Promote a New Extension? Avram Piltch 3/13/17
Restricting an extension to Windows 10 Only Ken W 3/13/17
Chrome extension appearing "Not Compatible" for installation in Chrome Web Store Ricardo 3/11/17
sell extension Mubeen Anees 3/10/17
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