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New Support Option for Web Store Developers 7/21/16
Someone stole my code and is selling an identical extension with my code. What do I do? Hexadecimal 11:59 AM
Form recovery for Chrome (Lazarus is useless) Jim Hoyle 8/27/16
Make Google Chart queries in Chrome Extension Mark Smearcheck 8/25/16
Spell checker in My Extension Zaki Abdellah 8/25/16
Content script comunicating with html page Jeremiah Heisenberg 8/24/16
How to find the location of the installed Chrome Extension Arun Subramanian 8/24/16
How can my extensions get the TLS certificate information of a website? Nota 8/23/16
Getting a unique identifier for use in a Chrome Extension (i.e. Serial Number) Tony 8/23/16
Extension Marked as Corrupt. Jordan Cook 8/22/16
How to simulate sandbox “pre-installed by policy” extension + Google Admin Ashtokcat 8/22/16
Add Button with some Events Zaki Abdellah 8/22/16
Extension disabled after storing data in options page when .crx . Marce Romagnoli 8/21/16
Is there any way to set panel size in google extension? Joul 8/21/16
suspension of chrome web store account GAURAV GOEL 8/21/16
Sending ICMP packets in Chrome extension Arun Subramanian 8/21/16
Scanning DOM FuelledUK LTD 8/21/16
Newly Released Chrome Extension for Productivity (LinkPadz) Chris V 8/20/16
List/spreadsheet of extensions that are safe for various groups? Marguerite 8/20/16
Fuzzy browser action icons thdoan 8/20/16
invocation of form runtime.connect(null,) doesn't match definition runtime.connect(optional string extensionId, optional object connectInfo) Sheng Liu 8/19/16
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