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New Support Option for Web Store Developers 6/27/17
How can I get Google to stop removing my Chrome Extension? Jesse Calton 12:35 AM
When a Chrome extension says "It can read and change your data on the websites you visit", can they read the passwords you enter? Nidal Barqawi 7/20/17
Chrome Extension Removed and Not getting published since 3 days - no irregularities Pankaj Balani 7/19/17
Re: [crx] Inline Installation doesn't work in Chrome 59 Decklin / Deco 7/19/17
Use chrome.fileSystem to access to Downloads folder without user permission 7/19/17
Cross Origin Policy Muhammad Qayyum Abro 7/19/17
Inline installation doesn't work for new extension Dev Team 7/19/17
invocation of form runtime.connect(null,) doesn't match definition runtime.connect(optional string extensionId, optional object connectInfo) Sheng Liu 7/19/17
native message error 7/18/17
Acess cross origin iframe content loaded on background page GMathew 7/17/17
My extension have been stolen, Professional steal team??? JJLin 7/17/17
can chrome extensions send data to a server? anush reddy 7/16/17
Chrome extension update - Chrome Web Store system error Dhruv Balhara 7/13/17
how to inject virtual fonts into DOM AwEduction 7/13/17
Chrome PageCapture (saveasmhtml) API? DEEPIKA AGGARWAL 7/11/17
26 Specialized Bike flier - Invitation to edit Nicholas Lee Bateman 7/7/17
Chrome extension In-App Payments Unexpected error when i'm trying buy item Kolya 7/6/17
chrome.tabs.query is always returning 0 length array in chrome spec777 7/6/17
Form recovery for Chrome (Lazarus is useless) Jim Hoyle 7/5/17
"This extension may have been corrupted." luo Diigo 7/5/17
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