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New Support Option for Web Store Developers 4/24/17
Suspicious Chrome popup which refuses to go away Tony 7:59 PM
New SpreadSheet add on is in "Pending Review" status forever Gokul NK 5:23 AM
I publish a new version 1.4,why can not install it from 1.3,hint has installed! 曾威 5/27/17
interfacing hardware devices without apps - am I screwed? Sebastian Bürgel 5/27/17
Help!!Someone steals the chrome developer account by G-mail! Infinity NewTab 5/26/17
IndexedDB access in Content Scripts Petr Bespechnyi 5/25/17
VPN Server on Chrome OS Leandro Sousa 5/24/17
JS not loading in 'Load unpacked extension' David Jenner 5/23/17
Recent Stats for my addon ain't update? Dimitri 5/23/17
Extension Status "Pending Review" Maitrey Patel 5/18/17
Chris Rabideau 5/16/17
chrome.webRequest.onBeforeSendHeaders.addListener failed to insert X-Timestamp into requestHeaders. Zh Meng 5/16/17
Is Flash completely blocked now if part of an extension? Craig 5/16/17
reload extension upon file change Assaf Vilmovski 5/15/17
Ratings are not shown/updated on my chrome extension Jenis Patel 5/10/17
cannot load unpacked extension on ubuntu AwEduction 5/10/17
invocation of form runtime.connect(null,) doesn't match definition runtime.connect(optional string extensionId, optional object connectInfo) Sheng Liu 5/9/17
get same user token in different accounts of google in chrome extension אורי 5/8/17
Getting Started tutorial no longer works Simon Morgan 5/7/17
Best Ways to Promote a New Extension? Avram Piltch 5/6/17
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