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Chrome Proxy Setup - PAC file? MK Street 5/2/15
Font Rendering issue Kunal Johar 5/1/15
DHTML Menus do not display correctly in Chrome42 Sheila Barbuck 5/1/15
New launcher Phil Gagner 5/1/15
How do you determine what search engines are preloaded? Bryan Quigley 5/1/15
updating chrome cookies without opening the browser Rohin Gupta 5/1/15
Add a feature to be able to mute a tab Jason Rodman 5/1/15
Broken xdg-utils causes endless loop. Mehmet Köse 5/1/15
Canary for Linux Sunny Bhagat 4/30/15
Can some Dev please define what EAFE is? Dale 4/30/15
Turning on updates and getting into my settings page W. A. Light 4/30/15
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