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DOM element's context-box is wrong when using CSS Transforms like skew Marco Scabbiolo 6/30/16
file input browse pop-up customization in chrome krishhna G 6/30/16
Help downloading history URLs (across synced devices) Arun Ravi 6/29/16
background-size and -webkit-background-size implementation and transitions Nicholas 6/29/16
Youtube Quality options theroundcube 6/29/16
How can I build chromium in visual studio 2015? Haibara Ai 6/29/16
Chromium os on PC integration with existing chrome management console Nimit Patel 6/29/16
Issues Regarding the Wordpress Theme -Himalayas on website MUMBAI TRAVELLERS 6/29/16
getUserMedia API in Chrome vs. CoreMedia I/O webcam Dmitry Kravchenko 6/28/16
Change to validation order in Chrome 51? Aaron Nance 6/28/16
how to force chromium to close HTTPS connection Aric 6/27/16
"Refresh All" option to refresh all open tabs in Chrome instead of F5'ing each tab Artifex 6/27/16
Physical Web default setting Darryl Aw 6/27/16
Intranet URL and slash Andre Pevec 6/27/16
What is History-journal, Shortcuts-journal, Top Sites-journal, Web Data-journal, Login Data-journal Juan Jose Saborido 6/27/16
GPO to force install extensions can only do by Machine or User, not both. mtisd 6/27/16
Decoding crashdump - crsym 403 Access Not Possible Jacob Boyle 6/25/16
Are you serious about forcing DirectWrite upon us? Pál Ács 6/25/16
Why are two crash URLs, chrome://crash and about:inducebrowsercrashforrealz, published to all Chrome users? MSI Team 6/25/16
Close, Minimize, and Maximize Button Revamp Suggestion Devoe Pack 6/24/16
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