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How Chrome patching works on Windows Asesh Shrestha 12:24 AM
How to build only changed code? JeongWoo Park 12:09 AM
Thoughts on ungoogled chromium? Fabs On Mars 12/6/16
chrome.serial API : replaced by WebUSB, opened up to extensions, or dead along with packaged apps? wayfarer 12/6/16
Does it still support java plugins? Glenn Hancock 12/6/16
Download manager on Chrome isn't good enough Fernando Carvalho 12/6/16
What happened to incognito mode? Joe Kirwin 12/6/16
Date when HTTP traffic will be marked as insecure? Max Faxälv 12/6/16
How can I make browser remember form values for autocomplete on ajax submit? aadil khan 12/6/16
I need help! Is there any interesing easy topic to contribute? SangJoon Je 12/6/16
Are you serious about forcing DirectWrite upon us? Pál Ács 12/5/16
Installed Ubuntu and it comes with Chromium but it will not sync with Chrome Scott Dennis 12/5/16
Need Help - Disable Form Autofill In Chrome Surjadeep Banerjee 12/5/16
How to remove mini_installer from ninja for chromium debug build? Jon Pfeffer 12/5/16
Reduce spacial impact of '[plugin name] is debugging this browser.' message. Michiel Vermandel 12/5/16
Change of header color aussieStefano 12/4/16
Suggestion to Add: "NOTE: Do not run any of the commands listed in this document as root..." to Quick Start Guide David Friedman 12/4/16
Chromium using omxplayer for videos on Raspberry Matteo Raggi 12/4/16
Chromium 51 shows a grey line at the under the fullscreen video with RASPBBIAN 8 Matteo Raggi 12/3/16
How about add QR code for the URL feature? Duke DAI 12/3/16
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