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Chrome Web Store app listing update Pete LePage 2/2/15
Can't install CCA rusty 5/3/15
Why are the categories different for Apps vs Extensions Vincent Turner 5/2/15
Promotional image suddenly rejected Michael Day 4/30/15
Remote Desktop on Xubuntu dont work Linford 4/30/15
Status TAKEN DOWN for extension bhmabgbfgopgdmnibdpgnjgehimendjk Q 4/29/15
Chrome App User Authentication? Quin Dennis 4/28/15
Chrome App - Performance lags while not in foreground. William Fligor 4/28/15
Publishing and Updating / Manifest Quin Dennis 4/28/15
Changing app type from packaged to hosted weiss 4/28/15
App taken down Klaus Ganser 4/28/15
Republish an Sheets addon Pavel Maslov 4/24/15
Detecting Chrome App Reload from Extension Jakub Pawlowski 4/23/15
Chrome crashes on startup running background app (upgrading from ver 41 to 42) alucard 4/23/15
Published Chrome App not listed in the web store search Ayuda 4/21/15
Persistent FileSystem Issue Jeffery Sarenpa 4/21/15
New Chromebook, App Store, Netflix: "Not Compatible: [...]This is a native app incompatible with your CPU architecture". Jasmyn Stich 4/20/15
How to Launch Any Chromium Application From Command Line, like Camera app Ust chromium 4/19/15
syncFileSystem hard quota limit Mike Wilson 4/19/15
test NaCl app on real device Maurizio Cottignoli 4/18/15
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