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Chrome Web Store app listing update Pete LePage 10/18/17
Add new CSS properties in Chromium to be used through V8 Javascripting engine Sumit Goyal 12/11/17
Published Pending Review Timeframe Aaron Prentice 12/9/17
Remove app from Developer Dashboard Gevik 12/8/17
Chrome Extension Rejection (No additional info) Romes 12/4/17
New extension is getting rejected PairedPrototype 12/4/17
Chrome App Automated Testing on Chromebook using Autotest and Chromedriver Tanner F 12/1/17
can't see my published extension in "for your domain" section 11/28/17
Can not find my extension by chrome store search Aaron Liu 11/27/17
unable to search my chrome app on google chrome store 11/26/17
Chrome Extension Pending update 12+hours Poopy Doop 11/23/17
Chrome Legacy Window Rohit Singh 11/20/17
Inline Installation does not work - Verified site does not seem to be linked 11/20/17
Re: [cws-apps] Issue with chrome inline install, "nothing happens" Abraham Williams 11/17/17
FileSystem API: chooseEntry method isn't working Achin Sharma 11/15/17
An error occurred: Failed to process your item. manifest.json:27:0: unterminated string. 11/13/17 De Rey 11/11/17
Information about malicious / suspiscious extension 11/11/17
mocek jarda 11/11/17
What can I use for packaged apps instead of alert? Juan de Dios Becerra 11/10/17
Add-on stuck in "Pending Review" state for more than 5 days Kunjan Thakkar 11/9/17
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