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Load modules off-main-thread [chromium/src : master] Nate Chapin (Gerrit) 3:41 PM
Added is_insecure_upgrade field to structures. [chromium/src : master] Carlos IL (Gerrit) 3:41 PM
Improve request session in WebXR [chromium/src : master] Iker Jamardo (Gerrit) 3:40 PM
DevTools: introduce Target.grantRemoteDebuggingSocket() method [chromium/src : master] Andrey Lushnikov (Gerrit) 3:39 PM
DevTools: Do not sort async events by endTime. [chromium/src : master] Alexei Filippov (Gerrit) 3:36 PM
Add hit-test API to blink for WebAR [chromium/src : master] Max Rebuschatis (Gerrit) 3:30 PM
Support threads owning other threads in platform/scheduler/ [chromium/src : master] Nate Chapin (Gerrit) 3:25 PM
Request camera permission when AR features are requested. [chromium/src : master] Iker Jamardo (Gerrit) 3:25 PM
performance.memory: report precise values when locked to origin [chromium/src : master] Nicolás Peña Moreno (Gerrit) 3:22 PM
DevTools: replace Console messageURLFilter setting with text filter [chromium/src : master] Erik Luo (Gerrit) 3:21 PM
Remove support for inline text tracks [chromium/src : master] Blink WPT Bot (Gerrit) 3:21 PM
Make Mojo Bindings available iff it is for a MojoWebUIController. [chromium/src : master] calamity (Gerrit) 3:20 PM
Display Cutout: Rename runtime feature name [chromium/src : master] Becca Hughes (Gerrit) 3:19 PM
Only clean plugin frames if !InStyleRecalc() [chromium/src : master] Ehsan Karamad (Gerrit) 3:09 PM
Use CanvasResource as a vehicle for OffscreenCanvas placeholder frames [chromium/src : master] Justin Novosad (Gerrit) 3:08 PM
DevTools: fix suggestbox preferred width measurement [chromium/src : master] Erik Luo (Gerrit) 3:05 PM
Refactor sensor layout test helper code [chromium/src : master] Robbie McElrath (Gerrit) 3:04 PM
[PE] Switch to an effect's transform before applying the effect [chromium/src : master] Xianzhu Wang (Gerrit) 3:03 PM
Explicitly add dummy page holder to ordinary pages when needed [chromium/src : master] Luna Lu (Gerrit) 3:03 PM
[LayoutNG] Fix hit testing on first letter [chromium/src : master] Xiaocheng Hu (Gerrit) 3:01 PM
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