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Don't mark Text with ChildNeedsStyleRecalc. (issue 1149893021 by 11:16 PM
Oilpan: Validate pointers stored in Member (issue 1149903004 by 11:08 PM
[wip] compositor-worker: Share a thread and an isolate for compositor workers. (issue 1158443008 by 11:03 PM
Re: [Oilpan] Migrate most classes under core/animations to Oilpan heap. (issue 1120003002 by 10:51 PM
New SELECT Popup: Recalc style when a web font is loaded (issue 1159833003 by 10:41 PM
When cancelling an animation, add missing timeline-detach check. (issue 1154423006 by 10:38 PM
Don't cache reflection drawings (issue 1160763005 by 10:33 PM
Mark http/tests/inspector/service-workers/user-agent-override.html as Slow (issue 1155043003 by 10:32 PM
Re: Add MarkRole in blink side to expose mark tag properly (issue 653683005 by 10:23 PM
bindings: Use IDL dictionary to implement FontFaceSetLoadEventInit (issue 1159403005 by 10:21 PM
Simplify UserAgentShadowRoot check for /deep/ selectors. (issue 1143003008 by 10:21 PM
Refactoring: Replace boolean parameters with enum classes (issue 1159033006 by 10:17 PM
Devtools: Replace split widget rAF animation with web animation (issue 1156953002 by 10:14 PM
Cleanup: Move code common in ChromeClient JavaScript dialog functions to a function template. (issue 1162263007 by 10:12 PM
Check documentElement conditions in parser* DOM mutation methods (issue 1163863005 by 10:08 PM
Compute the linkMatchType inside the CSSSelectorParser. (issue 1149913008 by 10:08 PM
W3C Test: import web-platform-tests/html/{introduction,obsolete} (issue 1159053005 by 10:03 PM
Devtools UX: Add elements toolbar with breadcrumbs (issue 1158133004 by 10:00 PM
Mark host for style recalc (and child recalc) whenever adding a ShadowRoot (issue 1151593005 by 9:58 PM
testharnessreport: Remove div[id=log] from resultant HTML. (issue 1165753005 by 9:56 PM
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