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Remove UseCounter.h inclusion from EventTarget.h. [chromium/src : master] Kent Tamura (Gerrit) 1:58 AM
Make VisiblePosition::FirstPositionInNode() to take const Node& instead of Node* (issue 2955823002 by via 1:55 AM
Move rounding up to 1.0f of border widths to the painting stage. [chromium/src : master] Karl Anders Øygard (Gerrit) 1:53 AM
[ES6 modules] TraceWrapper from ScriptLoader and ModuleTreeLinkerRegistry [chromium/src : master] Kouhei Ueno (Gerrit) 1:34 AM
Basic visibility:collapse on rows [chromium/src : master] Joy Yu (Gerrit) 1:34 AM
[ES6 modules] Document ModuleScript TraceWrapper paths [chromium/src : master] Kouhei Ueno (Gerrit) 1:34 AM
Bindings: Generate installers of runtime enabled features for templates [chromium/src : master] Hitoshi Yoshida (Gerrit) 1:33 AM
Implement lazy (re-)attachment of whitespace. [chromium/src : master] Rune Lillesveen (Gerrit) 1:31 AM
Create controller/ component in blink. The first non-boilerplate files in here are WebDevToolsAgentImpl. [chromium/src : master] Nicholas Verne (Gerrit) 1:31 AM
Moves WebDevToolsAgentImpl to core. This required removing direct calls to modules/ agents. Instead, these agents register a callback from ModulesInitializer::Initialize [chromium/src : master] Nicholas Verne (Gerrit) 1:30 AM
Implement URLSearchParams.sort() [chromium/src : master] Takeshi Yoshino (Gerrit) 1:28 AM
service worker: Add UMA for start worker IPC latency. [chromium/src : master] Matt Falkenhagen (Gerrit) 1:14 AM
[ES6 modules] Update module script error state predicate and transition. [chromium/src : master] Kouhei Ueno (Gerrit) 1:13 AM
Make Position::LastPositionInNode() to take const Node& instead of Node* (issue 2962473002 by via 1:06 AM
Implement new AnimationTimeline superclass (issue 2944423003 by 1:02 AM
Re-enable wpt script tests [chromium/src : master] Kouhei Ueno (Gerrit) 1:00 AM
Remove the FetchRequestMode/FetchCredentialsMode parameters from WebAssociatedURLLoaderOptions and ThreadableLoaderOptions [chromium/src : master] Takeshi Yoshino (Gerrit) 12:54 AM
Consider service worker CORS check when checking subresource integrity [chromium/src : master] Daniel Hintze (Gerrit) 12:51 AM
Add factory creation methods for creating local and remote main frames. [chromium/src : master] Daniel Cheng (Gerrit) 12:37 AM
Remove the dependency on CSSInterpolationTypes from PropertyRegistration [chromium/src : master] Alan Cutter (Gerrit) 12:35 AM
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