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Add memory of last SDP offer/answer created [chromium/src : master] Harald Alvestrand (Gerrit) 5:44 AM
Automate calls to GrContext::resetContext [chromium/src : master] Justin Novosad (Gerrit) 12:48 AM
Add use counter for XMLHttpRequest.responseXML [chromium/src : master] Daniel Cheng (Gerrit) 3/17/18
Make <foreignObject> a stacking context. [chromium/src : master] Chris Harrelson (Gerrit) 3/17/18
[PE] Apply overflow clip to scrolling contents layers' interest rect bounds when mapping to root. [chromium/src : master] Chris Harrelson (Gerrit) 3/17/18
[CI] Restructure SVGResourcesCycleSolver [chromium/src : master] Fredrik Söderquist (Gerrit) 3/17/18
Import wpt@e87f38097902e16348d4e17f4fe3bc2d0112bff1 [chromium/src : master] Blink WPT Bot (Gerrit) 3/17/18
Plumbed QUIC errors through to WebURLError which is where HAR files and error pages get them from. [chromium/src : master] Brad Lassey (Gerrit) 3/17/18
Snav: Fix faulty focus jump when exiting scrollable area [chromium/src : master] Hugo Holgersson (Gerrit) 3/17/18
[heap-profiler] Fix highlighting of detached DOM tree nodes. [chromium/src : master] Ulan Degenbaev (Gerrit) 3/17/18
Make Selection#{base,extent}{Node,Offset} as aliases of {anchor,focus}{Node,Offset} [chromium/src : master] Yoshifumi Inoue (Gerrit) 3/17/18
Update expectations for video-rotation.html to Failure Pass [chromium/src : master] CJ DiMeglio (Gerrit) 3/17/18
Show the timeline and overflow menu before preload [chromium/src : master] Tommy Steimel (Gerrit) 3/17/18
Autoplay: do not allow iframes to play when MEI is high without allow=autoplay. [chromium/src : master] Mounir Lamouri (Gerrit) 3/17/18
Let Pasteboard::WriteHTML take |SmartReplaceOption| instead of |bool|. [chromium/src : master] Zhuoyu Qian (Gerrit) 3/17/18
[clang-tidy] Fix access via null pointer to objects [chromium/src : master] Zinovy Nis (Gerrit) 3/17/18
Run in subdirectories [chromium/src : master] Vaclav Brozek (Gerrit) 3/17/18
Improve wpt testing on OffscreenCanvas convertToBlob [chromium/src : master] Olivia Lai (Gerrit) 3/16/18
Tidy up canvas code after ImageBuffer is removed [chromium/src : master] Olivia Lai (Gerrit) 3/16/18
Move values.mojom from common to base [chromium/src : master] Oksana Zhuravlova (Gerrit) 3/16/18
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