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Preparation for new Promise-based RTCPeerConnection.getStats. (issue 2156063002 by 4:50 AM
Use DCHECK instead of ASSERT in DataConsumerHandle-related stuff (issue 2181213003 by 4:47 AM
CustomElements: upgrade element C++ patch (issue 2161003002 by 4:46 AM
Re: Set verbosity/CaptureMessage of the external exception handler. (issue 2090953006 by Mike 4:44 AM
Add WorkerSettings to WorkerClients to expose certain flag values in WorkerGlobalScope (issue 2171563002 by Olivia 4:39 AM
NoStatePrefetch early prototype (issue 2172613002 by 4:34 AM
Move FrameLoader completion check timer to loading task runner. (issue 2172153002 by 4:19 AM
Revert of Sprinkle some release asserts over HTMLFrameElementBase (issue 2175313005 by 4:16 AM
Adds visual viewport size override to DevTools Emulation protocol. (issue 2173783002 by 4:05 AM
Add IDLDictionaryBase (issue 2183623004 by 4:04 AM
Added purge method to SimpleFontData and PlatformFontData. (issue 2178883002 by Takashi Sakamoto 4:02 AM
[css-grid] Avoid the HashMap for the override containing block size (issue 2176633002 by 3:58 AM
Remove currentView, useCurrentView properties of SVGSVGElement and SVGViewSpec interface (issue 2163213007 by 3:50 AM
Convert editing/pasteboard/merge-end-blockquote.html to use w3c test harness (issue 2181113003 by via 3:31 AM
Move WorkerThreadable internal classes to Oilpan heap (issue 2151173003 by 3:26 AM
Worker: Add OWNERS to core/workers (issue 2175243005 by 3:06 AM
[css-grid] Implementing stretch alignment in orthogonal flows (issue 2176533002 by 3:05 AM
Re: Preload scan external CSS for @import (issue 1976463003 by 3:01 AM
Re: Unify glyph metrics to use the same Skia API and remove glyphtoBoundsMap (issue 1980913002 by 2:59 AM
Re: Allow <link re=stylesheet> in a connected shadow tree (issue 2177163002 by Hayato 2:56 AM
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