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Remove LoadURLExternally from blink public API [chromium/src : master] Charlie Harrison (Gerrit) 6:22 AM
Add UMA for number of layer promotions [chromium/src : master] Xida Chen (Gerrit) 6:14 AM
Don't generally hide contents in the tree as they could be important [chromium/src : master] Aaron Leventhal (Gerrit) 6:13 AM
Fix dcheck failure in Document.cpp and don't fire a11y events for children changed on leaf or leaf descendant [chromium/src : master] Aaron Leventhal (Gerrit) 5:58 AM
[wrapper-tracing] Enable use of mixins for values [chromium/src : master] Michael Lippautz (Gerrit) 5:52 AM
Media Controls: hide duration field when changed to infinity. [chromium/src : master] Mounir Lamouri (Gerrit) 5:37 AM
Add a comment explaining why ResourceFetcher::PrepareRequest() needs to use ResourceRequest::GetRedirectStatus() [chromium/src : master] Takeshi Yoshino (Gerrit) 5:28 AM
Roll SwiftShader e8d42ae..0def102 [chromium/src : master] Alexis Hétu (Gerrit) 5:26 AM
Suppress native placeholder text on MacOS Input Type=Search [chromium/src : master] Eric Lawrence (Gerrit) 5:26 AM
Converts editing/execCommand/list-wrapping-image-crash.html to utilize assert_selection(). [chromium/src : master] Akari Asai (Gerrit) 5:11 AM
Fix typo [chromium/src : master] Yannic Bonenberger (Gerrit) 4:53 AM
Removed RootEditableElementOf(VisiblePosition&) from EditingUtilities. [chromium/src : master] Akari Asai (Gerrit) 4:53 AM
Update media controls time formatting to use hours [chromium/src : master] Tommy Steimel (Gerrit) 4:45 AM
Make text selection work with barrel selection. [chromium/src : master] Dave Tapuska (Gerrit) 4:42 AM
Implement WTF::Vector::erase(iterator) [chromium/src : master] Mikhail Pozdnyakov (Gerrit) 4:39 AM
[wrapper-tracing] NodeListsNodeData Align Oilpan and wrapper tracing [chromium/src : master] Michael Lippautz (Gerrit) 4:33 AM
[ServiceWorker] Add blink.mojom.WebServiceWorkerErrorType enum [chromium/src : master] Han Leon (Gerrit) 4:32 AM
Do not revalidate ScriptResource while it has clients [chromium/src : master] Hiroshige Hayashizaki (Gerrit) 4:18 AM
Fix ShapeResult::Bounds() in vertical flow [chromium/src : master] Koji Ishii (Gerrit) 4:16 AM
Remove layoutTestController, an alias to testRunner [chromium/src : master] Takeshi Yoshino (Gerrit) 4:14 AM
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