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[css-grid] Use order-modified document order for m_gridItemsIndexesMap (issue 2438253003 by 12:50 AM
Informator 19/2016 Tesla Sistemi 12:47 AM
[LayoutNG] Remove one NGConstraintSpace constructor, mark others for removal. (issue 2442123002 by 12:24 AM
Fix null-check in SVGLengthContext::convertValueFromCHSToUserUnits (issue 2445463002 by via 10/21/16
Introduce Layout*::adjustVisualRectForRasterEffects and use it for SVG hairlines. (issue 2444593002 by 10/21/16
Revert of Move Layout Tree Construction code into Element::rebuildLayoutTree() (issue 2439973005 by 10/21/16
Re: WIP CL (issue 2398293003 by 10/21/16
Initial implementation of LayoutNG's block layout algorithm for floats. (issue 2435803005 by 10/21/16
DevTools: Light blue highlight when hovering in Sources Navigator (issue 2431373006 by 10/21/16
Log to UMA why we would load a third-party frame (issue 2437193002 by 10/21/16
Delete more erroneous auto-rebaselines. (issue 2439183003 by via 10/21/16
Fix unscrollable scrollers after closing a <dialog>. (issue 2437303002 by Steve Kobes 10/21/16
Fix undefined shift in DiyFpStrtod. (issue 2438383003 by 10/21/16
WIP: Cache-aware FontResource loading (issue 2390583002 by 10/21/16
cc: Remove "SwapBuffers" naming from LayerTreeHostSingleThreadClient (issue 2444563002 by 10/21/16
DevTools: remove unused css in objectValue.css (issue 2435153003 by 10/21/16
[SPv2] Create effect nodes for CSS filter (issue 2428513004 by 10/21/16
DevTools: hoist debugger paused reason to top (issue 2389883003 by 10/21/16
cc: Change ClipNode::applies_local_clip to a clip_type enum (issue 2437923002 by 10/21/16
DevTools: use semicolons after each statement. (issue 2440953003 by via 10/21/16
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