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Remove the feature SkipCompositingSmallScrollers [chromium/src : master] Yi Gu (Gerrit) 6:02 AM
Only copy parsed properties over when mutating a rule with LazyParse on [chromium/src : master] nainar (Gerrit) 6:00 AM
Don't cancel Events with type beforeunload [chromium/src : master] Rakina Zata Amni (Gerrit) 6:00 AM
Replace WTF::RefPtr with scoped_refptr in core/dom [chromium/src : master] Taiju Tsuiki (Gerrit) 5:53 AM
Fix compositing/overflow/do-not-repaint-if-scrolling-composited-layers.html [chromium/src : master] Xianzhu Wang (Gerrit) 5:51 AM
scheduler: Create WebTaskRunnerImpl anytime at WebFrameSchedulerImpl::*TaskRunner() [chromium/src : master] Hajime Hoshi (Gerrit) 5:49 AM
Fix passing blobs on MessagePort and BroadcastChannel. [chromium/src : master] Marijn Kruisselbrink (Gerrit) 5:45 AM
Fold away ImageResourceContent::ImageSize [chromium/src : master] Fredrik Söderquist (Gerrit) 5:44 AM
Replace WTF::RefPtr with scoped_refptr in core/frame [chromium/src : master] Taiju Tsuiki (Gerrit) 5:36 AM
Replace WTF::RefPtr with scoped_refptr in core/html [chromium/src : master] Taiju Tsuiki (Gerrit) 5:25 AM
Introduce ScrollCustomization Property [chromium/src : master] Ehsan Karamad (Gerrit) 5:23 AM
Replace WTF::RefPtr with scoped_refptr in core/worker [chromium/src : master] Taiju Tsuiki (Gerrit) 5:19 AM
RemoteFontFaceSource: remove intervention related metrics [chromium/src : master] Takashi Toyoshima (Gerrit) 5:02 AM
Remove the ParsedURLStringTag argument from the KURL constructor and CreateIsolated() method [chromium/src : master] Takeshi Yoshino (Gerrit) 4:58 AM
Fix Windows jumbo compilation by excluding the jpeg decoder [chromium/src : master] Daniel Bratell (Gerrit) 4:54 AM
blink_gc_plugin: Disallow GCed class from deriving GCMixin base at leftmost position [chromium/src : master] Keishi Hattori (Gerrit) 4:47 AM
Replace 0 with nullptr using clang-tidy. [chromium/src : master] Ivan Kotenkov (Gerrit) 4:42 AM
[PaintWorklet] Change global scope switching logic [chromium/src : master] Xida Chen (Gerrit) 4:25 AM
Upstream LayoutTests/html/dialog/* to WPT. [chromium/src : master] Shanmuga Pandi (Gerrit) 4:20 AM
Third step of many to porting blink CSP tests to WPT [chromium/src : master] Andy Paicu (Gerrit) 4:20 AM
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