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Manually rebaseline NeedsRebaselines on or before 12/1 (issue 2549843002 by 10:39 AM
Prevent restoreScrollPositionAndViewState called in setContentsSize when loading (issue 2541513004 by 10:39 AM
Re: [LazyParseCSS] Cache the Document as a proxy for UseCounter changes. (issue 2474483002 by 10:35 AM
Rename canMakeActivePayment to canMakePayment (issue 2545523004 by 10:34 AM
[NetInfo] Remove NetworkStateNotifier::setOnLine (issue 2546763004 by 10:29 AM
Re: Allow navigations to frames that aren't being unloaded in the unload and (issue 2487403002 by 10:28 AM
Reland "Fix HTML5 video blurry" (issue 2547683003 by 10:26 AM
Remove PlatformGestureEvent in favour of using WebGestureEvent (issue 2539283002 by 10:24 AM
Add W3C encrypted-media tests (issue 2546853003 by 10:21 AM
Encode HRTF database using FLAC (issue 2537183002 by via 10:19 AM
[DevTools] Ship inline breakpoints (issue 2548583002 by 10:17 AM
Add feature to disable WebVR gesture requirement (issue 2543723002 by 10:12 AM
Replace the term 'poor man' with another phrase (gender-neutral fixit). (issue 2532483003 by 10:11 AM
Re-arrange API orders in OffscreenCanvasRenderingContext2D.idl (issue 2546693004 by via 10:09 AM
Merge LayoutTests fast/transforms in transforms (issue 2547723002 by Stephen Chenney 10:08 AM
[Devtools] Fixed bug with NetworkLog depending on ResourceTreeModel (issue 2546903002 by 10:08 AM
Re: Add constructors for WebAudio events (issue 2491653002 by via 10:07 AM
DevTools Accessibility pane: fix crash when inspecting shadow roots (issue 2524993003 by 10:04 AM
Removed android scrolling fake mouse moves and device_supports_mouse (issue 2536723007 by 10:04 AM
[css-grid] Use child's marginLogicalWidth to compute content-sized track (issue 2543193002 by 9:59 AM
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