Blink is the rendering engine used by Chromium.  You can learn more about Blink on our project page.

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Mismatch between HTML parser and createElement() et al Anne van Kesteren 12:34 AM
Intent to Implement: Animated PNG Max Stepin 12:19 AM
Intent to implement and ship: throttling requestAnimationFrame callbacks based on viewport visibility Sami Kyostila 8/3/15
Last week in Blink intents Dru 8/3/15
Welcoming our newest API owner: Rick Byers Dimitri Glazkov 8/3/15
Re: Intent to Implement: Treat plugin-initiated requests as "blockable" mixed content. Mike 8/3/15
Intent to Implement and ship : Implement DragEvent and move MouseEvent.dataTransfer to DragEvent 8/3/15
Intent to Implement and Ship: WebAudio: Add IIRFilterNode Raymond Toy 8/3/15
RFC: using chromium CQ for blink as we get closer to the merge Paweł 8/3/15
Intent to Deprecate and Remove: XSLT (Again) Dominic Cooney 8/3/15
CQ stats for the week of July 27 Paweł 8/3/15
Intent to Implement and Ship: exposing User Timing and Resource Timing APIs to Workers, adding workerStart to Resource Timing Kenji Baheux 8/2/15
What is the status of is-attributes (custom element type extensions)? 8/2/15
Cr-Blink bug status as of 2015-08-03 Kent Tamura 8/2/15
(Pre-)Intent to Deprecate: <keygen> element and application/x-x509-*-cert MIME handling Ryan Sleevi 8/2/15
Memory team snippet Kentaro Hara 8/2/15
Binding team snippet Kentaro Hara 8/2/15
Smooth scrolling and Firefox 8/2/15
Arrow functions in MS Edge 8/1/15
Overview of memory consumption in renderer process Kenichi 8/1/15
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