Blink is the rendering engine used by Chromium.  You can learn more about Blink on our project page.

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Intent to Implement and Ship: dtmf attribute of RTCRtpSender Harald Alvestrand 11:43 PM
Blink bug status as of 2018-02-19 Takayoshi Kochi 10:19 PM
Intent to Ship: Fetch API: keepalive Yutaka Hirano 4:32 AM
Intent to Implement and Ship: Support 'x' as a CSS resolution Chris Nardi 1:24 AM
Intent to Ship: Link rel=modulepreload Kunihiko Sakamoto 2/17/18
Intent to ship: JSON ⊂ ECMAScript Mathias Bynens 2/17/18
root layer scrolling Steve Kobes 2/16/18
PSA: SPv175 is launching Chris Harrelson 2/16/18
Advice on debugging a layout test that seems to be hanging after completion? Dale Curtis 2/16/18
Intent to Ship: CSS Typed OM Naina Raisinghani 2/16/18
Intent to Implement and Ship: Return null from contentDocument and getSVGDocument() on cross-origin access Daniel Cheng 2/15/18
Intent to Implement and Ship: Throttling background dedicated workers Alexander Timin 2/15/18
Intent to Ship: Async Clipboard API Gary Kačmarčík 2/15/18
Intent to Ship: add InputMode attribute Dave Tapuska 2/15/18
Intent to Deprecate and Remove: Throwing on unimplemented but valid keyframe-specific composite values. 2/15/18
Please revise Lords Mobile 2/15/18
Intent to Experiment: Animation Worklet Majid Valipour 2/15/18
Intent to Implement and ship: aligning U2F attestation with webauthn Adam Langley 2/15/18
Intent to Ship: AudioWorklet hongchan 2/15/18
Intent to Deprecate and Remove: document.createTouch and document.createTouchList Ella Ge 2/15/18
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