Blink is the rendering engine used by Chromium.  You can learn more about Blink on our project page.

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Intent to Ship: Subresource Integrity Joel 1:04 AM
Proposal for the future dependency model in Blink (WAS: [blink-dev] Removing the WTF namespace) Kentaro Hara 6/1/15
Next steps for removing selection gap painting Chris Harrelson 6/1/15
Re: [chromium-dev] Where is webkit to implement html input type? Thiago 6/1/15
Intent to implement: Independent CSS Transform Properties Chun Mun Soon 6/1/15
Layout Team & Project Warden Status - June 1, 2015 Emil A Eklund 6/1/15
Gardening Report 2015-05-29 PDT Mikhail Naganov 6/1/15
Intent to Deprecate: Shadow-Piercing descendant combinator, '/deep/' (aka '>>>'), and '::shadow' pseudo-element, from the dynamic profile Hayato Ito 6/1/15
Andre Samson 6/1/15
[mac] Is anyone still building on OS X 10.6? Nico Weber 6/1/15
CQ stats for the week of May 25 PawełHajdan 6/1/15
Proposal: Creating a LayoutObject Tree API Levi Weintraub 6/1/15
Intent to Remove: window.showModalDialog() James Robinson 5/31/15
Intent to implement: HTML referrer attribute for the Referrer Policy Kristijan Burnik 5/30/15
PSA: Exclude generatedimage.php from your Sublime Text project folder to fix 100% cpu usage. Dale Curtis 5/29/15
Removing the WTF namespace Kentaro Hara 5/29/15
OWP Storage Team Snippets (5/26) Joshua Bell 5/29/15
Advice on implementing support for W3C Blink Layout tests Kristijan Burnik 5/29/15
Intent to Ship: Unprefixed Touch rotationAngle Mustaq 5/29/15
Binding team snippets Kentaro Hara 5/29/15
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