Blink is the rendering engine used by Chromium.  You can learn more about Blink on our project page.

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Intent to Ship: CSS Containment Emil A Eklund 5:59 PM
Has @apply Shipped In Chrome 51? PhistucK 3:06 PM
Update of wtf/Assertions.h, and ASSERT macros deprecation Kent Tamura 1:45 PM
Intent to deprecate: SMIL Philip Rogers 9:55 AM
Intent to Implement: Clear-Site-Data header Martin Šrámek 9:34 AM
Intent to Deprecate: KeyboardEvent.keyIdentifier Dave Tapuska 8:11 AM
Intent to Ship: The Web Push Protocol and subscription restrictions Peter Beverloo 7:16 AM
"High Resolution Time Stamp for Events" needs updates 7:13 AM
Intent to remove: Non-primary button click event Navid Zolghadr 4/28/16
Is intent to implement and ship needed for all user-visible changes? Raymond Toy 4/28/16
Intent to Remove: Prefixed Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) David Dorwin 4/28/16
Intent to Implement: Generic Sensor & Ambient Light Sensor APIs Bhaumik, Rijubrata 4/28/16
Intent to remove AppCache on insecure origins update Joel 4/28/16
Fake full screen mode of media playback William Xie 4/28/16
Middle Clicks No Longer Fire "click" Events PhistucK 4/28/16
Intent to Ship: MediaStreamTrack Constraints API (part 1) Harald Alvestrand 4/28/16
An Issue With will-change And background-attachment: fixed PhistucK 4/28/16
Worker/ServiceWorker Status (April 28, 2016) Matt Falkenhagen 4/27/16
OWP Storage Team Status (2016-04-26) Joshua Bell 4/27/16
OOPIF Status, April 27, 2016 Charlie Reis 4/27/16
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