Blink is the rendering engine used by Chromium.  You can learn more about Blink on our project page.

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Intent to Implement & Ship: Disallow Sync XHR in Page Dismissal Shubhie Panicker 4:06 PM
Intent to Implement and Ship: ES Modules for dedicated workers (‘module’ type option) Hiroki Nakagawa 2:09 PM
PSA: The chromium.webkit waterfall is going away, tryserver.blink builders are being renamed Dirk Pranke 1:48 PM
Intent to Deprecate and Remove: WebAudio Media nodes from OfflineAudioContext Raymond Toy 10:41 AM
Intent to Implement and Ship: WebUSB Interface Class Filtering Reilly Grant 9:45 AM
Intent to Implement and Ship: RTCRtpParameters.headerExtensions Florent Castelli 9:13 AM
Intent to Remove: window.showModalDialog() James Robinson 9:04 AM
V8 bindings: creation_context for wrapper Kirill Ovchinnikov 8:04 AM
Blink bug status as of 2018-06-18 Takayoshi Kochi 2:31 AM
Intent to Ship: Picture-in-Picture (PiP) François Beaufort 1:19 AM
Intent to Implement and Ship: Nested dedicated workers Nate Chapin 12:37 AM
Intent to Implement: Device Cutout Support (incl. CSS User Agent variables) Becca Hughes 6/15/18
Intent to Ship: Keyboard Map API Gary Kačmarčík 6/15/18
When and where for BlinkOn in second half of 2018? Yongnian Le 6/15/18
Intent to implement: GetDisplayMedia Harald Alvestrand 6/14/18
Intent to Ship: Elad Alon 6/14/18
Intent to Implement and Ship: High priority for one-off input events Alexander Timin 6/14/18
Check if the renderer is in a devtools window in blink for debugging purpose? Xianzhu Wang 6/13/18
Intent to Ship: WebAssembly PostMessage 6/12/18
Intent to remove <style scoped> Elliott Sprehn 6/11/18
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