Blink is the rendering engine used by Chromium.  You can learn more about Blink on our project page.

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Intent to ship: ES'15 Call and Array Spread Erik Arvidsson 12:19 PM
Intent to Implement: support for Accept-encoding: Brotli Kenji Baheux 12:14 PM
Using WebDriver in W3C tests imported into blink? Rick Byers 10:33 AM
Intent to Ship: DPR, Width, and Viewport-Width client hints Yoav Weiss 9:25 AM
Blink gardening calendar extended Ryan Schoen 8:56 AM
Last week in blink intents Philip Jägenstedt 8:14 AM
PSA: widespread network outage Paweł 7:57 AM
Obtaining pointer to member object of a Dictionary Henrik Boström 3:01 AM
Intent to Ship: `allow-unsandboxed-auxiliary` and `allow-modals` iframe@sandbox keywords. Mike 1:22 AM
Memory team snippet Kentaro Hara 12:09 AM
Firefox 39 added support for CSS Scroll Snap Points 7/6/15
Kenji Baheux 7/6/15
EDT gardening status, 6 Jul 2015 Stephen White 7/6/15
Intent to Implement: Token Binding Nick Harper 7/6/15 Elisa | Creative Networks LLC 7/6/15
Experimental trybots for WPT tests in Blink Kristijan Burnik 7/6/15
Concerns about replacing ClientRectList with sequence<ClientRect>? Philip Jägenstedt 7/6/15
CQ stats for the week of June 29 Paweł 7/6/15
Intent to ship: Cache API's addAll() Kenji Baheux 7/6/15
Non-PST Gardaning Status: Jul 6, 2015 Takayoshi Kochi 7/6/15
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