Blink is the rendering engine used by Chromium.  You can learn more about Blink on our project page.

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Message from Funds Transfer Funds Transfer on behalf of The Mission Continues 5:49 AM
CQ stats for the week of June 20 Paweł 3:18 AM
Platform Architecture team snippet Kentaro Hara 6/26/16
PSA: Disallowing raw pointers on WTF::bind and blink::threadSafeBind Taiju Tsuiki 6/26/16
Blink bug status as of 2016-06-27 Kent Tamura 6/26/16
Re: Fetch API Sends Lower Case Headers PhistucK 6/26/16
Chrome status for pointer events seems incorrect 6/26/16 Tommie | Wam Wab Analytics Media Inc. 6/25/16
Intent to implement and ship the text-size-adjust property Philip Rogers 6/24/16
BlinkOn 6 Feedback Dru 6/24/16
Chromium's Web Platform Predictability effort Rick Byers 6/24/16
Intent to Implement and Ship: Stylesheets activated after the body is started do not block paint Patrick Meenan 6/24/16
Please use `testharness.js` when writing layout tests. Mike 6/24/16
Intent to Implement: Web Share API Matt Giuca 6/23/16
Intent to Ship: Shadow DOM v1 Hayato Ito 6/23/16
DEV, Shipment delivery problem #000228732 FedEx SmartPost 6/23/16
Intent to ship: Media Capture from <audio> and <video> Niklas Enbom 6/23/16
Intent to Ship: Do not perform default action on un-trusted events Dave Tapuska 6/23/16
Intent to intervene: Improved policy for blocking expensive tasks Sami Kyostila 6/23/16
Intent to remove <style scoped> Elliott Sprehn 6/23/16
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