Blink is the rendering engine used by Chromium.  You can learn more about Blink on our project page.

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BlinkOn9: Call for lightning talks!! Kentaro Hara 8:42 PM
Intent to Implement: Lazily load below-the-fold iframes and images Scott Little 5:13 PM
Intent to Deprecate and Remove: CSS filter should reject negative brightness Rob Buis 4:28 PM
Intent to Implement: WebXR Hit-test David Dorwin 3:35 PM
Intent to Implement: Wake Lock API based on Promise 2:03 PM
Intent to Ship: [Intervention] Stop loading in background, on mobile. Shubhie Panicker 11:21 AM
Intent to Ship: Token Binding Nick Harper 10:00 AM
Windows build linking with lld by default Hans Wennborg 9:30 AM
tag <video></video no chromium IVONEY FERREIRA 12:42 AM
Intent to Implement: Keyboard Map Gary Kačmarčík 4/18/18
Standardize DEPS files formatting Edward Lesmes 4/18/18
Intent to Implement: WebUSB on Web Workers 4/18/18
Intent to Implement and Ship: CSS: "grab" and "grabbing" values for cursor property Hwanseung Lee 4/18/18
Running layout tests without an X server? Harald Alvestrand 4/17/18
Intent to Implement and Ship: Accept two values in the overflow shorthand Chris Nardi 4/17/18
Intent to Deprecate and Remove: document.origin Philip Jägenstedt 4/17/18
The MSVC bots are gone, MSVC is now community-supported Nico Weber 4/16/18
Intent to Implement: Priority Hints API Dominic Farolino 4/16/18
Intent to Implement and Ship: Cross-Origin Read Blocking (CORB) Charlie Reis 4/16/18
Running layout tests on Windows 4/15/18
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