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Moving the parent element of a <webview> to another element in the DOM causes reload Alexander Ewering 1/15/17
Chrome extension need HELP! Leonardo Sedevcic 11/23/16
New chrome.clipboard SetImageData API proposal to be reviewed Jenny Zhang 11/15/16
New-ish Chrome API proposal: chrome.mdns for packaged apps mark a. foltz 11/5/16
Opening up chrome.networkingPrivate in kiosk session Toni Barzic 11/1/16
API change proposal Sammie Quon 10/28/16
How to get all cookies using chrome.cookies.getAll from chrome extension? Felipe Forbeck 10/28/16 == "locked" - Chrome API Proposal Jimmy Hastings 10/27/16
Chrome apps command line arguments Ramsundar Kandasamy 10/27/16
audio API in kiosk Toni Barzic 10/24/16
Build a kiosk app with Chrome App Builder, having some issues with properly clearing the session. Anthony 10/19/16
Unrestricted USB device access in kiosk sessions Toni Barzic 10/17/16 == "locked" - Chrome API Proposal Jimmy Hastings 10/13/16
New/Update API Proposal for Review (chrome.documentScan) Peter Kakasi 10/13/16
Re: Chrome Web Store: Removal notification for DS Team 10/9/16
AJAX or Important Data/Scripts Issue DS Team 10/1/16
Apps API proposal to extend chrome.sockets.udp.create Sam Sudar 9/29/16
chrome.usb available to Extensions Benjamin Kalman 9/28/16
chrome.fileSystem.requestFileSystem - New API Proposal Tomasz Mikolajewski 9/28/16 and window pinning - Chrome API Proposal Tomasz Mikolajewski 9/15/16
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