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chrome.tabs.removeCSS - New Chrome API Proposal Sungguk Lim 3:37 PM
Launching a webstore app AMT Games 4/21/17
New Chrome API Proposal for Review : MediaPerceptionPrivate Luke Sorenson 4/20/17
API proposal: chrome.system.cpu.getState() Simon Que 4/10/17
An error occurred: Failed to process your item. Please specify background subsection of app section in the manifest. AMT 4/7/17
Chrome url REDIRECTION Leonardo Sedevcic 3/30/17
prevent auto-update of Chrome App john 3/30/17
USB permission on chrome book. User allows, but system blocks Tom Lee 3/29/17
usage of options, function callback) in Chrome App john 3/28/17
Re: [chromium-dev] Proposal: add backgroundColor property in Mustafa Emre Acer 3/25/17
captureVisibleTab not working in Chrome App John 3/15/17
Final Review: allow Shared Modules on stable channel Elijah Taylor 3/10/17
New API Proposal: serviceCommsPrivate Simon Que 3/7/17
Serial api on chrome extensions Joachim Haagen 2/22/17
Chrome extension blocking function Leonardo Sedevcic 2/22/17
Proposal to add 'title' property to to be reviewed Rafael 2/21/17
change to parameters Rafael 1/31/17
Re: New API proposal to be reviewed - chrome.tabs.setTabScrollingEnabled Christian Dullweber 1/25/17
Moving the parent element of a <webview> to another element in the DOM causes reload Alexander Ewering 1/15/17
Chrome extension need HELP! Leonardo Sedevcic 11/23/16
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