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New extension API proposal: chrome.tabCapture.capturePresentation Yuri Wiitala 7/28/15
Fwd: Delivery Status Notification (Failure) Tomasz Mikolajewski 7/22/15
Kiosk app on ChromeOS - view PDF in webview Steve Kersley 7/20/15
Extension Michael Morrison 7/17/15
Creating links to other documents within a Chrome App. Andrew Dodson 7/14/15
API proposal review: the public version of the Launcher Search Provider API Yuki Awano 7/8/15
Fwd: New extension API Polina Bondarenko 7/8/15
manifest permission entry for the web feature that requires permission prompting Takashi Toyoshima 7/6/15
New API for review: chrome.i18n.detectLanguage Chao Tian 7/6/15
Service Workers for Extensions Benjamin Kalman 7/6/15
Final Review: chrome.activityLogPrivate API Adrienne Porter Felt 6/29/15
Re: Add API for a kiosk app to shutdown/reboot a ChromeOS device Benjamin Kalman 6/23/15
Re: Proposed changes for Chrome Extension Sockets (Pausing, Flow Control, STARTTLS) Chris Bentzel 6/19/15
USB and HID device strings - Chrome API Proposal Reilly 6/17/15
Proposal: printerProvider USB integration Reilly 6/17/15
Final Review: launcherSearchProvider API Yuki Awano 6/8/15
Final Review: M-45: chrome.platformKeys API David Karam 6/8/15
Display virtual keyboard in Single App Mode? Chris Reinhard 6/8/15
Actions for File System Provider API [API update proposal]. Tomasz Mikolajewski 6/6/15
chrome.webRequest response body reading/editing proposal Rob Wu 6/6/15
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