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API proposal: webstoreWidgetPrivate Toni Barzic 5/4/15
New APIs for BLE advertising. Rahul Chaturvedi 5/1/15
Proposal: printerProvider USB integration Reilly 4/30/15
chrome.fileSystem.requestFileSystem final review request [Time sensitive]. Tomasz Mikolajewski 4/30/15
Declarative File System Provider API. [Review request] Tomasz Mikolajewski 4/28/15
Proposal: USB Vendor/Class Permission Reilly 4/28/15
Review needed: chrome.searchEnginesPrivate API Oren Blasberg 4/23/15
Proposal: chrome.hid.getUserSelectedDevices Reilly 4/23/15
chrome.autofillPrivate API Proposal Kyle Horimoto 4/22/15
Intend to implement chrome.instanceID for Chrome Apps and Extensions Jian Li 4/20/15
Final review needed for chrome.settingsPrivate API (+security review) Oren Blasberg 4/16/15
No more IP addresses in permissions strings Reilly 4/9/15
Proposal: Add UDP broadcast capability to chrome.sockets.udp Reilly 4/8/15
Final Review: chrome.printerProvider Saswat Panigrahi 4/2/15
chrome.usb available to Extensions Benjamin Kalman 4/1/15 API method improvements Jakub Sokol 3/30/15
Re: Please review new Chrome extension API proposal: chrome.dataReductionProxy.dataSavings Mustafa Emre Acer 3/30/15
Final Review: M-43: chrome.vpnProvider API Saswat Panigrahi 3/24/15
chrome.fileSystem.requestFileSystem - New API Proposal Tomasz Mikolajewski 3/22/15
Intent to implement "Report abuse" checkbox in extension removal confirmation dialog Jake Leichtling 3/20/15
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