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Review needed: chrome.usersPrivate API Oren Blasberg 5/22/15
Review needed: chrome.searchEnginesPrivate API Oren Blasberg 5/22/15
Re: Proposed changes for Chrome Extension Sockets (Pausing, Flow Control, STARTTLS) Chris Bentzel 5/22/15
Final Review: allow Shared Modules on stable channel Elijah 5/21/15
Example Bluetooth Communications App available on GitHub Myke Predko 5/21/15
chrome.autofillPrivate API Proposal Kyle Horimoto 5/20/15
chrome.passwordsPrivate API Proposal Kyle Horimoto 5/20/15
API proposal: declarativeContent hasBookmark support Mike Wittman 5/20/15
Proposal: printerProvider USB integration Reilly 5/19/15
Fwd: Delivery Status Notification (Failure) Tomasz Mikolajewski 5/17/15
A gente acha que se você for a pessoa certa isso aqui vai mudar sua vida. UNOHOO 5/14/15
Creating a new window beyond the screen or in extended display Jeremy Kuang 5/14/15
chrome.languageSettingsPrivate API Proposal Michael Giuffrida 5/12/15
Re: Should the password manager show the password length? (was: Re: chrome.passwordsPrivate API Proposal) Chris Palmer 5/6/15
API proposal: webstoreWidgetPrivate Toni Barzic 5/4/15
New APIs for BLE advertising. Rahul Chaturvedi 5/1/15
chrome.fileSystem.requestFileSystem final review request [Time sensitive]. Tomasz Mikolajewski 4/30/15
Declarative File System Provider API. [Review request] Tomasz Mikolajewski 4/28/15
Proposal: USB Vendor/Class Permission Reilly 4/28/15
Proposal: chrome.hid.getUserSelectedDevices Reilly 4/23/15
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