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audio API in kiosk Toni Barzic 4/19/18
Proposal to extend the chrome.enterprise.deviceAttributes API Pavol Marko 2/20/18
Amazon Web Services Training rose bk 2/19/18
Chrome extension Redirection??? Leonardo Sedevcic 2/1/18
management API in kiosk Toni Barzic 1/30/18
A new API proposal: chrome.system.display Weidong Guo 1/22/18
Request for review: modifications to chrome.passwordsPrivate Christos Froussios 1/2/18
chrome.feedbackPrivate.getWebrtcLogsDirectory - New Chrome API Proposal Adrian Elder 10/25/17 == "locked" - Chrome API Proposal Jimmy Hastings 10/2/17
chrome.usb available to Extensions Benjamin Kalman 8/31/17
Use chrome.fileSystem to access to Downloads folder without user permission 7/19/17
API Proposal: chrome.bluetoothLowEnergy.resetAdvertising() Sonny Sasaka 6/23/17
API Proposal: Add Debug Daemon logs to feedbackPrivate.readLogSource() Simon Que 6/23/17
Simon Que 6/19/17
How efficient to frequently use for the same key? Sergii Boiko 6/19/17
Proposal for chrome.wallpaper.resetWallpaper Sammie 6/16/17
API proposal of adding custom action support to chrome.automation Yuki Awano 6/12/17
Chrome App deleting file automatically to create space Gaurav 5/20/17
How to terminate an api test that uses a repeating alarm? 5/19/17
API Proposal: feedbackPrivate.readLinesFromFile() Simon Que 5/17/17
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