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Unrestricted USB device access in kiosk sessions Toni Barzic 12:05 PM
chrome.usb available to Extensions Benjamin Kalman 10:56 AM
chrome.fileSystem.requestFileSystem - New API Proposal Tomasz Mikolajewski 4:43 AM and window pinning - Chrome API Proposal Tomasz Mikolajewski 9/15/16 == "locked" - Chrome API Proposal Jimmy Hastings 9/15/16
chrome.i18n API issue Omar Karim 8/16/16
Load local files in iframe/webview from user selected directory in chrome app Ahtisham 8/11/16
Request to review API extension - chrome.webRequest TLS info Roland 8/9/16
chrome.appRuntime LaunchSource and manifest changes 8/5/16
chrome hid api, compatible rfid readers Matteo Grolla 7/27/16
chrome.notifications.create API proposed modification Brian 7/25/16
Chrome API proposal Igor Covganet 7/1/16
How should an API detect that an app is no longer running? Daniel Erat 6/22/16
API proposal: chrome.power.overrideLidClosed Daniel Erat 6/21/16
filesystem API - Saving without Save As Brian Huffman 6/6/16
Access chrome private api? Andrej 6/6/16
Issue first build Chromium Akai 6/1/16
stale API docs Darren Krahn 5/31/16
Private API Proposal: chrome.quickUnlockPrivate 5/27/16
Re: Chrome Web Store: Removal notification for DS Team 5/23/16
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