Chandra Announcement: Release of the Sherpa 4.14.1 package for Python.

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Guardado, Karla

May 20, 2022, 4:09:21 PMMay 20
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Release of the Sherpa 4.14.1 package for Python.


The Sherpa 4.14.1 package for Python was released on May 20, 2022.

This release of Sherpa includes various documentation updates, bug fixes, and infrastructure changes. 

  • enhancements:

    • basic support for Xspec 12.12.1

    • beta support for python 3.10

    • various plotting backend improvements

    • various i/o backend improvements

    • data object class improvements

  • documentation changes:

    • updated build with CIAO documentation

    • add a missing class (DataOgipResponse) to the documentation

    • improves the docstrings for DataPHA

    • fixed typos in plot docs

    • clean up readthedocs issues such as missing bullets

  • Infrastructure changes:

    • updates for compatibility with Clang 12.0

    • updates to the regression tests

  • bug fixes:

    • Improve the FITS headers created when writing out a PHA file (to better match OGIP standards)

    • addresses delete_model_component call failing if a key does not exist

    • fixed issue with writing a PHA dataset as a table rather than a PHA file

    • ensure FITS column access is case insensitive

    • image handling and image coordinates


For detailed release notes go to

For details and installation instructions go to


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