Chandra Announcement: Web-based Resource Cost calculator now available

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Tara Gokas

Feb 14, 2022, 4:01:03 PMFeb 14
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Web-based Resource Cost calculator now available

Chandra Proposers are encouraged to take advantage of the new web-based Resource Cost Calculator to determine the resource cost (RC) of targets before they create a proposal in the Chandra Proposal System (CPS).

Users planning to submit a Chandra proposal should be aware that a RC will be calculated for each non-TOO target. The RC quantifies the difficulty of scheduling observations and is one of the limiting factors on how many proposals can be approved to be observed within a cycle. For more information, please refer to Section 4.3 of the Call for Proposals 

There is a cap on the total RC that will be accepted for each peer review cycle, and each science category will be allotted an RC quota. It is therefore in the interest of the proposers to choose targets with the smallest possible RC if scientifically viable. 

After a proposal is entered into CPS, the RC is automatically calculated for each included target. However, to aid observers in the best choice of targets prior to starting a proposal submission, it is now possible to estimate the RC in advance of entering a target in CPS with this newly-released web-based RC calculator. Proposers are encouraged to take advantage of this new tool in the early stages of planning for a Chandra proposal.

Reminder: The Cycle 24 deadline is 10 March 2022 at 6pm (EST)

For any questions contact HelpDesk or send email to

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