Chandra Announcement: Release of the Sherpa 4.14.0 package for Python.

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Tara Gokas

Oct 7, 2021, 1:20:54 PM10/7/21

Release of the Sherpa 4.14.0 package for Python.


The Sherpa 4.14.0 package for Python was released on October 7,  2021. 

This release of Sherpa includes various enhancements, documentation updates,  bug fixes and infrastructure changes.

  • enhancements:

    • filtering and grouping  for binned (1D) spectral data have been improved with changes to the default behavior and many bug fixes resulting in differences to the statistics, degrees-of-freedom and energy flux in comparison to the previous version for the same data with the same filter.

    • the output of get_filter() for 2D region filter expressions now correctly describe complicated shapes (e.g. when used with calc_data_sum2d)

    • updates allowing to change the hard limits of XSPEC model parameters and also to use XSPEC models that use “out-of-bounds” values to switch certain behaviour such as for example the fpl parameter of the xsoptxagn model

    • the sample_flux routine now returns the correct information for the clip column

  • documentation changes:

    • improved documentation for PHA simulations

    • improved documentation on  filtering and grouping of PHA data 

    • added sherpa.image module documentation

    • added section on running tests to developer docs

  • Infrastructure changes:

    • updates to support Apple ARM 

    • update to support Xspec version 12.12

    • update fftw from version 3.3.8 to 3.3.9

    • clean up of compiler and sphinx warnings

    • changes to support gcc 9.3.0 in conda defaults

    • updates to support python 3.9 including readline 8.1 upgrade, numpy minimum 1.19  (numpy 1.18 minimum for python 3.7/8)

    • test infrastructure clean up and updates

  • bug fixes:

    • updates to fix several 'unable to parse region string: None' errors

    • fix issue where save_all() of a loaded image with no region filter would fail on reload

    • fixed issue with plot_model() being called before notice or ignore could lead to filters not getting applied

    • fix to error out instead of crash when grouping data using an unsupported method 


For detailed release notes go to

For details and installation instructions go to

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