Seeking the public discussion of Algerian Root CA

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Peter Mate Erdosi

Jan 10, 2024, 10:29:02 AMJan 10
Hello all,

thank you for being here.

I seek the details of the public discussion of Algerian Root CA inclusion. 

Could somebody help me where can I find the details of this inclusion process if exists?

Thank you in advance!

Best Regards,

Ben Wilson

Jan 10, 2024, 10:45:33 AMJan 10
to Peter Mate Erdosi,
Dear Peter,

It appears that there is a root CA certificate inclusion case open in the CCADB, with information viewable here:
As you can see, some of the required information has not been populated yet.  

However, there is an "Add/Update Root Request" case open, too, Case #1444, last edited in July 2023, but the information in that case is not complete either and needs to be updated, and that case has not been submitted yet for review and synchronization with the CCADB.

As stated in the Bugzilla bug you referenced, here is some guidance on the root inclusion process used by Mozilla:  Each root store has its own separate inclusion process.

For assistance on a variety of topics related to Mozilla's CA program, visit this web page:

Sincerely yours,
Ben Wilson

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