Mozilla intends to Transfer CCADB Ownership to Linux Foundation

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Kathleen Wilson

Feb 21, 2024, 4:21:17 PMFeb 21
to CCADB Public
The Common CA Database (CCADB) is a highly customized Instance of Salesforce Cloud (Salesforce MSA), which has been owned and maintained by Mozilla since 2014. A Salesforce Instance is a separate set of data and customizations held by (SFDC) in a logically separated database (i.e., a database segregated through password-controlled access).

The CCADB has become an important component of the Web PKI and ensuring its stability and continuity continues to become more important with time. Therefore, we intend to transfer the ownership and maintenance of the CCADB Salesforce Instance from Mozilla to a Linux Foundation Directed Fund.

Reasons for this change:
  • The CCADB has become a cornerstone of the Web PKI, so it should be more of a shared resource, operated independent of any one root store.
  • The CCADB and the corresponding CCADB Public discussion forum are used for data/topics that are not specific to Mozilla.
  • The CCADB Steering Committee has demonstrated the ability to effectively define and implement repeatable and sustainable processes for improving, managing, and maintaining the CCADB.
  • Mozilla can have the same benefits of being a CCADB participating Root Store Operator as the other participating Root Store Operators, without being responsible for all of the contracts/agreements and finances for the CCADB.

Impact of this intended change:
  • The ownership of the Salesforce Instance (data and meta-data) that is the foundation of the CCADB will be reassigned from Mozilla to the Linux Foundation.
  • The usage and users of the CCADB will remain the same, and will continue to be governed by the CCADB Steering Committee. (usage terms)
  • There will be one visible update to the CCADB related to this change – an announcement that we intend to transfer the ownership and maintenance of the CCADB from Mozilla to a Linux Foundation Directed Fund.

Best Regards,

Kathleen, on behalf of the CCADB Steering Committee
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