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Erik Sandström

Jun 27, 2021, 3:44:57 PMJun 27
to Camect User Forum
I have an "WD My Book"  8TB  that unmounts every now and then from my Camect. 
I have not yet figured out why and when it happens, and can not see any pattern.

The Camect and the HD is powered via separate UPS:s and I have tested changing UPS:es for both, so I do not think it is a power issue. But I do not know

I have also connected the HD to my laptop, and there I do not see the same problem. I do understand it is not the same thing, my at least I have tested it. :)

How can I figure out why it disconnects?

Is there a way to automatically have the Camect try to remount it when it gets unmounted? Maybe I can connect a monitor and keyboard and change this?

Thank you in advance

Arup Mukherjee

Jun 27, 2021, 4:39:36 PMJun 27
to Erik Sandström, Camect User Forum
Soon after the next time it happens, open the hub settings, use "Report Bug" and check the checkboxes to include logs and settings from your device. (Do not reboot or do anything else before doing this.)  That will let us see if there's an error getting logged. 

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