what features of chrome do you use that means camect doesn't work on other browsers?

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Gareth Erskine-Jones

Jun 5, 2021, 4:49:22 PMJun 5
to Camect User Forum

I'm just curious as a web developer about what are the specific features of chrome that you use which mean your app doesn't work with other browers? Are there particular APIs they employ which are essential but not supported by firefox for example?


Arup Mukherjee

Jun 5, 2021, 6:39:52 PMJun 5
to Gareth Erskine-Jones, Camect User Forum

When we launched, a major problem used to be that the WebRTC handling for multiple video streams was not the same as the Chromium one. I believe those differences were resolved over time. The last time we looked, a big issue was simply that Firefox uses a different rendering engine from all the other browsers based on Chromium or WebKit -- and it winds up rendering things differently (in a way that isn't usable) in many places in the UI.  

We're not opposed to the idea of supporting Firefox someday, but right now the effort (not just initial effort but also the ongoing for all future UI updates) is not justified by the small number of people who'd benefit, e.g. The number of requests for a native app vastly outnumber the number of requests for firefox support -- so it's a matter of prioritization. 

We're currently working on a revamp of the UI -- Once that's done, we may take a look to see how close the new UI would be on Firefox in case it turns out to be closer than on the current one. 

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Gareth Erskine-Jones

Jun 12, 2021, 12:34:53 PMJun 12
to Camect User Forum, CamectArup, Camect User Forum, Gareth Erskine-Jones
Thanks for the answer - appreciated.

Dolf Starreveld

Jun 17, 2021, 6:40:21 PMJun 17
to Arup Mukherjee, Gareth Erskine-Jones, Camect User Forum
Today I happened upon the same situation again:

From Safari’s console:
[Log] 2021/06/17 15:34:41.168 Connecting to – "wss://home.camect.com/home/9f766c08b073681808d933a448de969a7dadd480/webrtc/ws?SESSIONID=3db241248d74804ccc31722382d9bacf" (camera_list.min.js.f0896350eb6c660d147bb72aa82b9c7c, line 253)
[Log] 2021/06/17 15:34:41.384 WebSocket.onopen (camera_list.min.js.f0896350eb6c660d147bb72aa82b9c7c, line 253)
[Log] 2021/06/17 15:34:41.384 Connecting. (camera_list.min.js.f0896350eb6c660d147bb72aa82b9c7c, line 253)
[Log] 2021/06/17 15:34:41.972 Fragmentation is enabled. (camera_list.min.js.f0896350eb6c660d147bb72aa82b9c7c, line 253)
[Error] WebSocket network error: The operation couldn’t be completed. Broken pipe
[Log] 2021/06/17 15:35:27.036 WebSocket.onerror: – Event (camera_list.min.js.f0896350eb6c660d147bb72aa82b9c7c, line 253)
[Error] WebSocket network error: The operation couldn’t be completed. Broken pipe
[Log] 2021/06/17 15:35:27.036 WebSocket.onclose: – CloseEvent (camera_list.min.js.f0896350eb6c660d147bb72aa82b9c7c, line 253)
[Log] 2021/06/17 15:35:27.037 Scheduled reconnect to camera list  (camera_list.min.js.f0896350eb6c660d147bb72aa82b9c7c, line 253)
> Selected Element
< <div class="container-fluid">…</div>
[Log] 2021/06/17 15:35:32.038 Start connecting to – "" (camera_list.min.js.f0896350eb6c660d147bb72aa82b9c7c, line 253)
[Log] 2021/06/17 15:35:32.040 Using viewport (1,494x775 sep=10) (camera_list.min.js.f0896350eb6c660d147bb72aa82b9c7c, line 253)
[Log] 2021/06/17 15:35:32.218 Using unified-plan. (camera_list.min.js.f0896350eb6c660d147bb72aa82b9c7c, line 253)
[Log] 2021/06/17 15:35:32.220 Connecting to – "wss://home.camect.com/home/9f766c08b073681808d933a448de969a7dadd480/webrtc/ws?SESSIONID=3db241248d74804ccc31722382d9bacf" (camera_list.min.js.f0896350eb6c660d147bb72aa82b9c7c, line 253)
[Log] 2021/06/17 15:35:32.443 WebSocket.onopen (camera_list.min.js.f0896350eb6c660d147bb72aa82b9c7c, line 253)
[Log] 2021/06/17 15:35:32.444 Connecting. (camera_list.min.js.f0896350eb6c660d147bb72aa82b9c7c, line 253)
[Log] 2021/06/17 15:35:32.681 Fragmentation is enabled. (camera_list.min.js.f0896350eb6c660d147bb72aa82b9c7c, line 253)

Leaving Safari on this page, which periodically retries, I started Chrome to the same URL and it worked fine. Confirms that most Camect internals are working fine. Then restarted Safari and all is fine.

So this restart is, for sure, the workaround. Hopefully you can figure out how to work (around) this issue with Safari, or Safari gets fixed.


Jun 17, 2021, 7:21:34 PMJun 17
to Camect User Forum, dolf.st...@gmail.com, Camect User Forum
Hi Dolf,
I replied to the original thread. I think you replied to this one by mistake?

Fester Adams

Jun 17, 2021, 9:09:13 PMJun 17
to Camect User Forum, CamectChao, dolf.st...@gmail.com, Camect User Forum
I typically run Firefox instead of Safari, and am a Camect new user just today, I'd like to upvote the Firefox suggestion.
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