Detection Notifications and Images from Movement

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Mar 24, 2020, 10:17:35 AM3/24/20
to Camect User Forum
first of all I have to say your object recognition is one the best I have seen so far, and for that pricing its without alternatives,
and I already worked with Briefcam, Anyvision etc.

I got 2 questions:

First, is it possible to send a detection notification to a vms?

I did this with Axis Cams via a rule that sends a TCP notification during movement to my milestone vms. Milestone listens to TCP notifications and starts recording during that TCP datagrams from the Axis Cams.

Another question regards to the alarm manager

Is it possible to send the images the alarm manger generates to a ftp folder or similar?
At work we need images from detections at a very fast rate for further investigations.

If it is possible, is there a chance to determine at what position of movement the images are created and at what interval (every second of detection one Image)?

Thanks for your help!



Mar 24, 2020, 4:50:38 PM3/24/20
to Camect User Forum
Hi Franz,

We're happy to hear we compare favorably to Anvision/Briefcam. :-) Given the price difference, we had not tried to evaluate that ourselves.

Are you aware of our integration API? It can be used to get a feed of things being detected, and could thus be used to send that info to another VMS. It's mentioned on page 18 of the "Learning More about Camect" guide, which is linked off

There is currently no way to get images from the alarms though. Are the telegram notifications not fast enough for your purposes?

I did not quite understand your last question. Do you want to know the location of the detected object within the image, or more than that? (What is your application?)



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