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Attila Molnár

Feb 26, 2024, 3:01:14 AMFeb 26
to WunderLINQ Users Group
Hi Guys,

Now I have the WunderlinQ device installed. Using the app I could set up Kurviger as the default Navigation application.

Using the Default setting for WunderlinQ app Hardware setting, I can zoom in/out scrolling the wheel up/down. Pressing wheel right/left causes panning the map but only with very small steps (by only a few pixels) - it doesn't allow to slide the map far right/left.
But what about panning up/down? Can I set it somehow to provide this feature?
And finally: how can I exit from Kurviger for making phone call, or controlling music, etc.?

If I change WunderlinQ app Hardware setting from Default to Custom, could you give advise for settings to achive these goals:
- zoom in/out: wheel scrolling up/down
- pan right/left with bigger steps: wheel pressing rigth/left
- pan up/down with bigger steps: wheel long pressing rigth/left
- exit from Kurviger to Main menu: signal cancel button long press

Thanks for your help,

Mobile Platform(Apple/Android) and Version: Android 12
App Version: 2.70
Firmware Version: 2.2
Bike Year/Model: BMW R 1250 GS (2023)

Attila Molnár

Feb 26, 2024, 3:02:50 AMFeb 26
to WunderLINQ Users Group, Attila Molnár
Kurviger 3.2.5
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