Potential Activities with EBI-ENA regarding Data Submission

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Farah Zaib Khan

May 9, 2024, 5:12:59 AMMay 9
to Microbiome Analysis

Dear Researchers,

As a gentle reminder, if you are interested in gaining knowledge about data submission to EBI-ENA, providing feedback on existing documentation, or participating in hands-on sessions to create community-driven documentation, please take a moment to complete the Expression of Interest (EOI) form

More details can be found below: 

In response to challenges faced by numerous Australian researchers in submitting omics data to international repositories, the Australian BioCommons is collaborating with the European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) to address these challenges.

We are currently investigating the value of bringing EMBL-EBI / European Nucleotide Archive (ENA) team members to Australia for a variety of events (in early 2025) including:

  1. Training workshops for Data Submission:

How to submit data to ENA, including:

  • Genome assemblies and annotations

  • Metagenome-assembled genomes (MAGs)

  • OTU/eDNA-derived data

  1. Sessions to provide feedback on existing documentation:

An opportunity to provide feedback directly to the ENA team on existing documentation for data submission, retrieval, and analysis. Your insights and suggestions will help improve the user experience and address common pain points.

  1. Hands-on sessions to trial community-driven documentation design:

An opportunity to work alongside the ENA team and fellow researchers in a collaborative effort to trial community-driven documentation design for the data submission process. Your direct involvement will contribute to improving the usability, and accessibility of EMBL-EBI resources.

Let us know what you think of these ideas by completing the Expression of Interest (EOI) form by 16/05/2024.

Thank you for considering this invitation, and we look forward to your feedback.

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