Microbiome Analysis

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Welcome to the Australian BioCommons Microbiome Analysis Community Group

This group is for any Australian researcher undertaking (or interested in undertaking), microbiome analysis (using either amplicon-based or metagenomics approaches) across any taxa (or their International collaborators), who wishes to
  • discuss microbiome analysis tools and pipelines with the group
  • receive email updates or meeting invites on shared national infrastructure that is being deploying to support microbiome analysis
  • influence how that infrastructure is developed so it is support their research

NOTE: To post messages to the group, you will need a google account (or link a non-Gmail email address to an existing Google Account). More info


The BioCommons’ aim is to engage Australian bioscience researchers as inclusively and widely as possible, and we value the involvement of everyone in this community and are committed to creating a friendly and respectful place for learning, training, sharing experiences, and contributing. As such, it is expected that all group members act in accordance with the Australian BioCommons Code of Conduct