Quick response needed on comment letter for Castro Bikeway project

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Bruce England

May 14, 2023, 4:39:45 PMMay 14
to SVBC Mountain View Team
Hi, all:
We'll likely have comment letters on all three agenda items for Council Transportation Committee on Monday. The last item I'm looking at, for the Castro bikeway, it the most in development still. I just have inline comments in the PDF of the staff report. Please look at those, see if you agree on what I'd comment on in a letter and let me know by start of day Monday if you agree or disagree to the letter send and if you have any other comments to consider.
CTC Memo Castro Street Bikeway Feasibility Study ctc 5-15.pdf

Serge Bonte

May 14, 2023, 10:32:55 PMMay 14
to Bruce England, SVBC Mountain View Team
Hi Bruce 

I couldn't see your comments in the attachment.

Personally I agree with the recommendations and they seem to be well accepted, so I'd go with the flow in the spirit of not generating another round of meetings (and more delays) -my theme for all 3 CTC agenda items.

Good news on angled parking removal, let's do Hope Street next :)

The one I'm not too crazy about is this:

"Staff suggests additional bike parking to help offset the reductions"

i.e. putting bike parking where angled parking is removed. 

Downtown needs more bike parking (preferably secured/safe bike parking) , just not sure it's where I would put it as it might be way underused. Personally I wouldn't park my bike that far from where most restaurants are on Castro. 

In that part of Castro, a better use of the reclaimed space might be more room for pedestrians or trees or public art.


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Bruce England

May 15, 2023, 4:14:55 PMMay 15
to Serge Bonte, SVBC Mountain View Team
Hi, Serge:
Did you use Adobe Acrobat? You should have been able to see inline comments there.

Serge Bonte

May 15, 2023, 4:23:27 PMMay 15
to Bruce England, SVBC Mountain View Team
I saw them after using Acrobat , not when using viewer built in gmail)

For these 3 projects, I'm still on the get things moving (w/o more meetings/delays) mode :)

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