Western Wheelers Bicycle Club (wwbc-RIDES)

This is ONE of TWO email lists for the Western Wheelers Bicycle Club, a recreational bike club which is based in Palo Alto, California.

This list (wwbc-RIDES) is restricted to information about Western Wheelers Club rides/events only.

    Receive notices of cancellations/changes to WW rides/events  (To cancel a ride, ride leaders post cancellation on the Cancellations Forum - the notice is then forwarded to this email list)
Receive notices of impromptu WW rides - Posted by Administrators only   (To list an impromptu ride use the “Ride Listing Assistantor send  listing to: impromptus@westernwheelers.org.)
    Providing updated information about WW rides/events
    Road/weather conditions (when referencing a specific WW ride/event only)
    Carpool offers/requests (WW rides/events only)
    Ride reports/pictures (WW rides/events only)
    Updating draft WW ride schedules
    NO discussions/opinions  (Please use “wwbc” e-mail list for discussions.)

List messages may be sent to wwbc-RIDES@bikesiliconvalley.org.

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Thursday Evening Tour (CD/4!/9) - 5:30 start time - weather permitting! Gary Goldman 10/26/16
Fall Fun Series this Saturday, October 29th - Mt. Hamilton beckons... Bill Sherwin 10/26/16
Thurs(10/27) B-ride change george schuttinger 10/25/16
Nov 3 B+ Ride correction george schuttinger 10/24/16
Tuesday Evening Ride: C/3/16 D/3/19 - Departs 5:30 PM Richard Exley 10/24/16
Carpool offer for Western Wheelers Fall Fun Series Petaluma ride tomorrow, Saturday 10/22 - space for 1 more rider/bike - leaving Belmont Caltrain 8:15 - contact me if interested - end message Bill Sherwin 10/21/16
D and E Ride Impromptu Notices Western Wheelers discussion forum 10/20/16
Fall Fun Series Ride for October 22 - Petaluma Bill Sherwin 10/19/16
Thursday Evening Tour (CD/3.5/11-12) - 5:30 Start Time Gary Goldman 10/19/16
Last Call for C ride for November! Cindy Asrir 10/17/16
carpool Kai Wiedman 10/17/16
Fall Fun Series update for this weekend...Petaluma instead of Tamalpais Bill Sherwin 10/17/16
Tuesday Evening Ride: C/3/15 D/3/18 - Departs 5:30 PM Through October! Richard Exley 10/17/16
Need C Rides for November! Deadline tomorrow Cindy Asrir 10/16/16
November Thursday C rides Peter Blasberg 10/14/16
Carpool Kai Wiedman 10/14/16
Fall Fun Series Rides for tomorrow are ON (but be prepared...read on) Bill Sherwin 10/14/16
A and B Ride Impromptu Notices Western Wheelers discussion forum 10/14/16
How to cancel a WWBC listed ride Guy Shuman 10/14/16
Ride cancellations (non-cancellations), last-minute updates Western Wheelers discussion forum 10/14/16
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