[jobdevelopercop] Proposal for add'l year of Job Developer Community (plus more) - ideas?

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Carrie Portis

Apr 14, 2022, 2:09:33 PMApr 14
to jobdeve...@baccc.net, Gerlinde Brady
Hi everyone,

Gerlinde Brady, CTE Dean at Cabrillo College, and I have just put together a proposal for an additional year of support from the BACCC RJV program for our Job Developer group - if the proposal gains support, our job developer meetups, trainings and other coordinated efforts can continue as we have been doing - and be even better with your ideas and involvement.

For those that came to our job developer meetup in March, I mentioned our current funding ends in June and with the BACCC restructuring, the work I've been doing with you all might be taken up by others.

I heard back from some of you in follow-up conversations that you'd like to continue as we have been, and grow, including adding new colleagues who are joining your colleges, and I also haven't yet found someone to continue our work.

So, here is what we are proposing, at this link as an RJV . Proposals are due tomorrow, Friday, April 15. If you have ideas or questions, as this is really about you all, please let me know and I can update the proposal. At this stage we need four colleges to endorse our work - Gerlinde just reached out to other deans for support, and also feel free to ask within your college for endorsement if you are able.

Some ideas I have for our next year are:
- Deepen partnerships on-campus between career services and faculty. I am working with Lelannie Mann and her colleagues at Gavilan on this, and connecting it to Guided Pathways. We can share about this promising work and hear where you all are having successes and challenges.

- Better leverage advisory boards. Bill Bankhead at Los Medanos has provided us with a helpful guide on what they are doing, I know others are also having success, and that advisory boards can sometimes be under-utiziled.

- High touch approaches/ increasing belonging. Mani Dickerson at Evergreen Valley has encouraged us and offered to support others in their high touch approach.  Douglas Phenix at DVC and Patricia Young at Solano have also shared with us how they help students feel they belong and have more confidence in their future work. I know many others of you do this and that our students need this, especially now.

- Increasing sub-regional coordination. Cabrillo, Gavilan, Hartnell and MPC this year began to have more cross-college employer and career exploration events with many benefits. As the Bay Area continues to take a sub-regional approach, there is even more opportunity that can be had.

- Continuing to support people who are new to their role or are doing this work solo (or in duo's) at their college. In 2019, Erick Briggs of Network Kinection came and did an in-person training to help job developers who are new to their role or have too many hats, and then did an advanced training in 2020 on-line - it was well received and we can ask Erick to come back if there is interest.

I could add many more priorities, and topics - you all know them well. And as mentioned, if there is something you think we should particularly call out as we consider the year ahead, please let me know.

Thank you all for coming together and helping each other out in these busy times, and for all that you do for students.

Take care,

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