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Donna Throckmorton

Oct 1, 2020, 6:03:34 PM10/1/20
to AzLA Membership, Marketing, & Outreach,, Walsh, John

I wish I could join the call today, but I am out of town on vacation and don’t have a good device to connect to the meeting.  I am curious about how the socials went and the various campaigns that we have out there.


I look forward to hearing about the MMO committee meeting after I return to work next week.


Donna Throckmorton
Library Services Consultant
Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records



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From: AzLA Membership, Marketing, & Outreach <>
Sent: Thursday, September 24, 2020 11:14 AM
To:; Walsh, John <>
Subject: [] Socials tomorrow!


Hi everybody!


I'm looking forward to our socials tomorrow!  Will you be able to join either of them?  If so, I'd love to have your feedback.  Right now, we only have a few RSVPs, so we don't know how many will attend.


Morning Mindfulness Coffee Break


Evening Cocktail & Social Hour




Thanks to John and the great staff of the Cochise system, we have access to a premium kahoot account for this event.  We have 2 rounds of general trivia and one library-themed speed round.



The invites for the event mention getting recommendations for drinks.  Did we have files to share?  If you do have some, do you want to join John and I at one or both sessions to present them?  Or can you send them to John and I with any information you would like conveyed?  


I've seen the promotions on Facebook and email.  Did these go out on Twitter as well?  If possible, I'd like us to schedule a reminder tweet for 15 minutes before each event is due to start.


The professional development team and conference team never got us the information/revised logos for a video, so we won't have a single longer video for the conference.  Instead, we'll focus on upcoming events and features (conference, the newsletter, elections, #WeAreAzLA, etc...).  


The board has approved up to $200 for prizes.  However, since we don't know how many people to expect, I don't want to buy a lot of digital prizes in advance.  My current thoughts are to have a bank of choices (Starbucks, Amazon, iTunes, etc... places that offer digital gift cards) and a value level in mind ($15-25).  If we have enough people, then when a person wins a round, they send John or I a private message with their email, and we have them select a vendor of their choice. We purchase the card that day and send it to their email.  If there aren't enough people participating, we can simply do a random drawing for 1 attendee to win a gift card at each event.  But I'd like your thoughts on this.  Do you have ideas for vendors to include in our "bank" of available gift cards?



Before our next meeting, can everyone take an hour or two to look at social media and marketing options being used by other libraries and library associations?  I'd like us to spend a little time at our next meeting discussing how we might want to present AzLA and expand our connections.


*What formats and techniques (videos, photos, trivia, events) are they using that are resonating with their followers?  

*Are they telling stories through social media?  Providing resources?  Looking at a glimpse at a day in the life of staff and members?  Who is their audience?

*Are there strategies or styles you think would work well for us that we might want to try?



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Walsh, John

Oct 1, 2020, 6:35:43 PM10/1/20
to Donna Throckmorton, AzLA Membership, Marketing, & Outreach,
Hi Donna,
I did not realize there was a meeting, so hope I was not the one to schedule it. I don't have any MMO meetings in my schedule, please let me know if we need to meet, before the open conference ceremony and I will schedule something, thanks, be well and be safe.
John Walsh
Director of Library Services
Cochise College

Donna Throckmorton

Oct 1, 2020, 7:16:08 PM10/1/20
to Walsh, John, AzLA Membership, Marketing, & Outreach,

That is a relief.  I am not sure why I had one on my calendar.

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