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AzLA Membership, Marketing, & Outreach

May 12, 2021, 7:47:03 PMMay 12

Hi everyone, 

We're coming up on our monthly meeting.  Would everyone like to meet?  Or would we rather connect by email this month? If we do meet, the details for the Google Meet is below.  

We have had a few updates:

*The Conference Committee is going to recommend cancelling the conference this year. If the Board supports this decision, then we will not need to contact vendors for event support since the current software being used for monthly webinars is from the State Library.  However, I think it would be good for us to pivot and see if we can expand our connections with vendor & corporate memberships.

*Social media campaigns for summer
---*Supporting ALA & state initiatives/themes
---*How can we increase video content?

*Do we want some sort of quarterly virtual social event for summer?

* Virtual outreach opportunities?

*Update on Institutional & Individual Membership options, to be discussed at the Board Meeting

*Anything else?

Meeting link

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Membership & Marketing Committee, 
Arizona Library Association
Co-Chairs: Erin Lorandos & Shelley Reddy

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AzLA Membership, Marketing, & Outreach

May 13, 2021, 2:50:03 PMMay 13
to, AzLA Administration, AzLA President
Hi everyone, 

We've had a few people with schedule conflicts, so let's do this month by email.  Jump in with your thoughts on any of the topics below (or add your own)!

*Shout-outs: Donna has been doing an amazing job with Facebook, and Kristen's Women's History month graphics were great!

*Social media campaigns for summer- what do we want to get on the books?
---*Supporting ALA & state initiatives/themes?  
---*General library themes?
---*Erin's poetry videos were really popular!  How can we increase video content?

*Do we want some sort of quarterly virtual social event for the (end of) summer?  Though the book discussion was lightly attended and no one had completed the book, we've had some comments that indicate the visibility of social/networking events like the discussion and trivia are appreciated even if people can't attend.  We also have opportunities to help individuals grow their careers, with graduating students and furloughed workers.  Networking was a popular topic of interest in last year's survey-- are there virtual events we could host that wouldn't encroach on Professional Development's webinar series?  

* Virtual outreach opportunities?  This has been a tough year for a lot of people.  How can we showcase the importance of AzLA?  Bring back the #WeAreAzLA nominations? Recruitment/welcome to the organization video for our Youtube channel?

*The Institutional and modified Individual Membership options will go before the board again tomorrow.  Whether they go through or not, it would be great to have a document we can point people to that highlights the benefits of membership.  Let's start from scratch here: why join AzLA at all if there is no conference (and hence no need for the discount) and the P.D. webinars are free??  Why should a vendor or corporate member join?  What benefits can we offer them?

*Once we have a decision on the new membership levels, we might be able to start looking at the graphics redesign, which will be a BIG project.  While it would have been great to unveil new designs along with the new website Danielle has been putting together, we decided at previous meetings to focus on those efforts that had the greatest potential impact on members (ie, fees and events).  Does anyone have skill with (or contacts with people skilled at) graphic design that we might be able to tap for some feedback or ideas?  Also, there was some discussion at the conference committee meeting about merchandise sales.  Michael, I know we used to have some swag from conferences and outreach events.  Do you happen to remember what types of things we already have available, and where they might be stored/who to contact about them?

I know there's a lot here, and I'm probably missing something.  I know we have some incredible talent on this team, and I look forward to working on these with you!


AzLA Membership, Marketing, & Outreach

May 20, 2021, 4:46:57 PMMay 20
Hi everyone, 

I wanted to check in and see if anyone had any thoughts on the email or areas we should discuss.

Shelley Reddy

Donna Throckmorton

May 20, 2021, 5:25:31 PMMay 20
to AzLA Membership, Marketing, & Outreach,

Hello All!


Shelley – kudos for all the work you have done on the membership options.


Social Media

I appreciate all the extra posts others have added to Facebook.  Do we know how our usage looks on Twitter and/or Linkedin?  Do we need to focus on one platform more than the others or try to post the same content to all 3?


Once the AzLA website is launched, I say we drive as much traffic to the new website as possible.  Most of our posts should be linking them to more information available on the website or the AzLA Youtube page.


Summer Campaigns could include favorite library pets or catch your pet reading (#tailsandtales) or something vacation/travel related.


Virtual Socials

I would suggest we hold off on the socials until Fall.


New AzLA Logo

Previous Logo design was being spearheaded by Cory Christians when he was AzLA Pres.  I believe he had someone on staff that submitted some possible designs.  I am not sure where they are or even if they fit our needs any longer.


If AzLA created an account on VolunteerMatch, we could recruit a volunteer with graphic/logo design experience to work up a few options.


Marketing, outreach and increasing membership

I wish I had a good answer for what will entice people to join.  Let’s hope that the institutional memberships take off and that next year an in-person conference will be fantastic!


Donna Throckmorton
Library Services Consultant
Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records



1700 W. Washington St., B-002 | Phoenix, AZ | 85007


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Schor, Michael

May 20, 2021, 7:07:24 PMMay 20
to Donna Throckmorton, AzLA Membership, Marketing, & Outreach,

Hi all,


I don’t know if I will be attending the conference yet; it really depends on the cost.


At some point, though, we’ll need to figure out a way to get the backdrop and leftover swag to someone who will be at the conference in person.





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