Atlas Computing updates: Q2 kick-off

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Evan Miyazono

Apr 5, 2024, 1:00:44 PMApr 5
to, Daniel Windham
Hello Atlas community,

Happy April!  We're pretty excited about our growing momentum and wanted to share a quick update with you:

Project updates
  • Most exciting: We're finalizing a contract with the Topos Institute to develop a roadmap plotting the course to dramatically easier and cheaper usage formal methods at scale.  Expect a list of shovel-ready tech transfer projects in May!
  • We've set Q2 OKRs (and updated annual OKRs).  We're expecting to finish scoring Q1 and updating our annual Gantt chart next week.  
  • We have a blog!  It's a substack that lives at and our first post lists the various places to engage with us.  This was part of a broader effort to update a lot of documentation, like updating our 2-page executive summary.
    • related: We're posting a "hello world" post on LessWrong on Tuesday; if you're active over there, engagement and upvotes would be appreciated; we'll link it on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Travel updates
Where we’ve been:
Upcoming events: catch us in person





April 10-14

Boundaries workshop


EM co-organizer

April 13-14

Funding the Commons


EM speaking

April 29

Mathematically Formalized Assurance for National Security (MFANS) Workshop

Idaho National Labs

Daniel participating

May 6-9



EM likely speaking about toxFRO

May 14-15

Foresight Institute AGI workshop


EM participating

May 22-24

Atlas internal colo

South bay

Evan and Daniel

June 10-14

PL lab week


EM maybe helping organize something

June 13-16

CHAI Asilomar event


EM maybe helping organize a track

Engage more
Opportunities to work with us:
  • We've got Researcher and PM roles listed on our Jobs page
  • We've also got an unlisted COO job description that I'm nonetheless happy to take applications/referrals on, but I'm waiting to post & open the floodgates until after the events next week.
  • If you're an expert in or have experience teaching formal methods or formal verification, we'd love to include you in conversations we're having with two groups that popularize mathematics education
As mentioned above, our first blogpost is a great index of the various channels you can use to follow our content.  And you can always reply to this email 😉.

Anyway, thanks for reading!  
   - Evan

p.s. What Evan’s reading…
I recently finished the book Parasite Rex, an eye-opening peek into parasitology. Most shocking: the hypothesis that the rise in autoimmune diseases in the world might be due to the removal of parasites from humans, and there's even an experimental treatment using parasitic worms to treat autoimmune diseases, as they suppress immune function! 

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