Looking for suggestions related to use of libraries for remote learning

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Angela Zoss, Ph.D.

Jun 5, 2024, 4:00:41 PMJun 5
to ARL ASSESS, Tricia Bacon

Hi all,


I’m sharing a request from a student who is conducting a practicum with us this summer. Perhaps you’ve had recent studies that uncovered similar results? Please send any thoughts you may have!






Good afternoon! 


Hybrid-remote working and learning environments have become fairly common in the past few years, and Duke Libraries’ AUXS team is working on ways to update our libraries to accommodate this need.  During a recent student survey about our libraries, students expressed an interest in having more individual study rooms in which they can take Zoom calls for online classes.  Unfortunately, renovations aren’t an option for us since we are currently renovating a different library, and our group study rooms are too large to simply re-allocate them as individual study rooms.  We are interested in finding a way to utilize our open study areas for this purpose while still providing the sense of privacy that students are looking for.  Most of the literature we’ve checked mentions this problem but doesn’t address how to solve it.  Do any of you know of any literature surrounding the subject, or have any of you come up with or know of a library that has come up with a creative solution to solve the problem?  If you have anything to share, please contact me at tricia...@duke.edu



Tricia Bacon 

AUXS Practicum Student at Duke University Libraries





Angela M. Zoss, Ph.D. (she/her/hers)

Head, Assessment & User Experience Strategy department

Duke University Libraries

Phone: 919-684-8186

Email: angel...@duke.edu


I pledge to oppose bigotry, xenophobia, and racism in all their forms, to practice self-awareness, and to make equitable choices daily.




Vickery Lebbin

Jun 5, 2024, 9:38:16 PMJun 5
to Angela Zoss, Ph.D., ARL ASSESS, Tricia Bacon

Hi Angela and Tricia,

At Hamilton Library at the University of Hawaii at Manoa we addressed this by purchasing study booths (also calling zoom booths). Here is an article (and video) from our university news: Students fill popular study pods at Hamilton Library. Also the company we purchased them from (Pillar) feature us in a case study: https://pillarbooth.com/pages/pillar-university-of-hawaii-at-manoa . The students love them. Let me know if you have specific questions.

Take care,

Vicky Lebbin
Interim Associate University Librarian

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