Antares 0.4.0 Released

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Chris Pickel

Oct 3, 2011, 10:51:19 PM10/3/11
to Antares Announcements
Antares 0.4.0 [1] has been released. This release fixes several

* Issue 18 (Briefing points clipped at edge of map)
* Issue 20 (Smearing in third tutorial)
* Issue 39 (Pausing via CAPS causes smearing)
* Issue 41 (Mouse areas wrong for help and play-again screens)
* Issue 55 (Design new replay file format)
* Issue 57 (Mac menu bar intercepts events in full-screen)
* Issue 60 (Minicomputer double-click threshold is proportional to
time game has been open.)
* Issue 42 (Music preferences not really respected)
* Issue 49 (Scaled-up static is squashed horizontally.)
* Issue 51 (Sprites unnecessarily hidden at right edge of screen.)
* Issue 52 (At 1:16, squares clipped but other shapes disappear)
* Issue 61 (Kinetic beams have a black contrail)
* Issue 64 (Stars sometimes flash when leaving warp)

The sprite-drawing engine has been moved out of software and into
OpenGL, hopefully providing performance improvements and certainly
making Antares more maintainable in the long run. Other parts of the
game are still drawn in software, however.

In addition, Antares 0.4.0 is the first release of Antares to open up
its source code repository [2]. If you're interested in helping with
the game, it has a contributing page [3] detailing ways to help.

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