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LED_BUILTIN in documentation and variants Dennis German 12/9/16
Status of Ethernet library q2dg2b 12/9/16
more simple Discovery protocol Holger Lembke 11/30/16
XV LIdar controller code does not build on current Arduino/Teensyduino releases. KurtE 11/22/16
Turn off coils in servo library after stepping Sean Brennan 9/29/16
Bug related to auto generation of function declarations alexanderbrevig 9/28/16
Streaming Jack Rickard 9/24/16
Arduino Linux Arm 1.6.10 fails to run on Odroid C2 KurtE 8/30/16
Support for the other SAM D21/R21 chip variants Alex Albino 8/30/16
Integrating with the Arduino Create Agent 8/25/16
AVR SPI library has changed since IDE 1.5.8 but version is still 1.0 Bill Perry 8/22/16
Library manager rules for library exclusion & notifications when library excluded Bill Perry 8/22/16
Wacky idea for USB serial Collin Kidder 8/20/16
Suppressed Compiler Warnings? victor.aprea 8/20/16
BOSSA fix for Arduino compatibility (SAM R21E) Alex Albino 8/16/16
Snap package for Arduino IDE Michael Hall 8/15/16
Re: [Developers] Suppressed Compiler Warnings?n by 8/11/16
Compiler refuses to compile a statement 8/6/16
File > Examples menu paul 8/1/16
Doc bug, RFE: It is harder than necessary to move from the GUI to the CLI when using 3rd party boards John Plocher 7/26/16
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