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A meek request for assistance again - close ended Vaclav Sal 2/15/15
Working on: atmel toolchain 3.4.5 f.fissore 2/11/15
IDE 1.6.0 is out f.fissore 2/10/15
hang on startup paul 2/10/15
Changes in branches f.fissore 2/10/15
OT - busy coders should not bother to read Vaclav 2/9/15
How is Due bootloading process implemented in code ? Vaclav 2/9/15
Prepare IDE for edit Arduino IDE Jose antonio de la Torre 2/9/15
Atmega32u4 USB without a crystal pierce 2/8/15
Release candidate IDE 1.6.0 (rc3) c.maglie 2/8/15
Improve/Update Documentation Michael Backus 2/7/15
Working on: another mac version for >= 10.7 f.fissore 1/31/15
Supporting differential ADC (analogRead()) input? David A. Mellis 1/30/15
WPS Push Button feature for IoT projects over WiFi Francesco Forti 1/30/15
Option to save hex files. Arnav Gupta 1/28/15
Request for comment: redesign of Hardware Resource Map page m.shiloh 1/27/15
Adding format control to the Print class methods Michael Jonker 1/27/15
Release candidate IDE 1.6.0 (rc2) c.maglie 1/24/15
IDE enchavements : AutoComplete (including user libs), Doc Tooltips, New SyntaxColoring, etc.. Ricardo JL Rufino 1/23/15
Arduino Due Ayanga Kalupahana 1/22/15
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