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Extending Serial class with events. Florian Bantner 7/20/16
New ArduinoHttpClient library Sandeep Mistry 7/14/16
max7456 and IDE 1.6.9 Ata Jahangir Moshayedi 7/11/16
Support for ATSAMD21E18 (SAMD21E) and BOSSA for Arduino Alex Albino 7/5/16
Ideas for Uno/Mega and perhaps other boards. Weather Guy 6/24/16
Arduino Due replacement proposal... pierce 6/17/16
The "new" LUFA Bootloader referenced in 1.6.9 Jesse Vincent 6/15/16
Making importing .ZIP files more git(hub) friendly geert.roumen 6/10/16
Compute folders of "includes" , using -dump-prefs (or other way if possible) John D 6/9/16
Arduino Due James Michener 6/7/16
Stupidity in C++ processor Collin Kidder 5/27/16
Command Line Invocation victor.aprea 5/20/16
Library include path order (again!) peter.feerick 5/18/16
Doxygen autodoc for hardware architectures proposal Fabien 5/9/16
String class operations: bug in class or in realloc? TK 5/2/16
code formatting guidelines TK 4/25/16
New functions in String class TK 4/23/16
Arduino SPI, SAM R21E Sercom4 and RFCTRL Alex Albino 4/19/16
Suggestion..... HEX files.... destination folder..... Francisco Igorra 4/15/16
Raspberry Pi IDE support victor.aprea 4/9/16
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