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Mike Osterman

Jul 29, 2022, 6:51:46 PMJul 29
to CAS Community
So as not to co-opt Baron's "CAS 6.5 w/ Duo MFA, was MFA actually used?" thread where Ray brings up Universal Prompt, I'm starting a new one.

I seem to remember a while back there were issues with CAS + Duo's Universal Prompt. Is anyone using it successfully/happily in production, or is it better to stay with the previous version of Duo for now? I suspect that my Information Security Officer is about to ask me about it again...


Jonathon Taylor

Jul 29, 2022, 7:16:57 PMJul 29
to cas-...@apereo.org
Hi Mike,

We are on the latest version of CAS 6.5 and using Duo's Universal Prompt since April 5th.  We ran into some initial problems while testing, and specific to the surrogate authentication feature of CAS, but that was fixed.  We are happy with it and have received positive feedback from our users.

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Jonathon Taylor
Information Security Office

Ian Wat

Sep 2, 2022, 12:46:33 PMSep 2
to cas-...@apereo.org
We are running on CAS 6.4 but are looking to try out Duo's Universal Prompt. Duo's documentation says that CAS 6.3 or greater should work. Should this work out of the box? I've been trying to look at both Duo and CAS documentation on how to implement but struggle to figure it out. 

Our Duo application universal prompt status is set as App Update Ready. I've tried adding the duo-universal-sdk dependency as described in https://duo.com/docs/duoweb#java but maybe that doesn't apply to a CAS application. I've also updated to the latest 6.4 release. The CAS documentation doesn't mention any configuration changes that are required. What am I missing?

Ian Wat
Bucknell University

Ray Bon

Sep 2, 2022, 1:55:44 PMSep 2
to cas-...@apereo.org

Cas will use old prompt when duo-application-key is in the property file.
Remove it and cas will use the universal prompt.


On Fri, 2022-09-02 at 12:46 -0400, Ian Wat wrote:
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Ian Wat

Sep 2, 2022, 3:31:35 PMSep 2
to cas-...@apereo.org

Thanks for the tip. It was what I needed. Seems like that should be explicitly stated in the CAS documentation for clarity.


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