libavif v0.10.0 release

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Wan-Teh Chang

Apr 6, 2022, 5:31:15 PMApr 6
to AV1 Discussion
Hello everyone,

libavif v0.10.0 has been released. The source code of the release can
be checked out from the git repository[1] using the release tag


Here is the change log:

[0.10.0] - 2022-04-06

There is an incompatible ABI change in this release. New members were
added to the avifDecoder and avifRGBImage structs. It is necessary to
recompile your code.

* Support F16 Half Float conversion in avifRGBImage: new isFloat member
* Incremental decoding of AVIF grid tiles: new allowIncremental member
in avifDecoder and new avifDecoderDecodedRowCount() function
* Support parsing of version 3 of ItemInfoEntry
* Add new avifResult code AVIF_RESULT_OUT_OF_MEMORY
* Document the "[Strict]" prefix in error strings
* Document that SVT-AV1 doesn't support lossless yet
* CI: Add CIFuzz integration
* Add Docker build CI pipeline
* Add SVT-AV1 to CI and build scripts
* ci.yml: Build examples and apps

* Print the item type in the diagnostic messages for missing mandatory
av1C or pixi property
* Update aom.cmd: v3.3.0
* Update dav1d.cmd: 1.0.0
* Update libgav1.cmd: 0.17.0
* Update rav1e.cmd: 0.5.0
* Update svt.cmd/ v0.9.1
* Update zlibpng.cmd: zlib v1.2.12
* findrav1e: add LDFLAGS to LIBRARIES
* rav1e: add bcrypt.lib to list of extra libs
* Fix y4m read/write for images of non-standard dimensions
* Fix y4mRead() and y4mWrite() for 4:0:0
* Fix compilation with Clang 13 and 14
* Remove the obsolete script
* Support local android builds for libgav1
* Add Android JNI bindings
* Delay failures of AV1 codecs not existing to frame decoding, to
allow libavif to perform AVIF parsing without any AV1 codecs
* Change encoder speed in gdk-pixbuf plug-in
* Fix compilation with 1755 <= LIBYUV_VERSION < 1774
* Remove JSON-based tests (as they are unreliable), along with
associated helper code (cJSON, compare)
* CMakeLists.txt: Move codec enabled message after check passed
* Fix alpha copy in aomCodecEncodeImage()
* Support SVT-AV1 v0.9.0 or later
* Call svt_av1_get_version() for SVT-AV1 v0.9.0 or later
* Handle avifArrayCreate() failures
* Only consider a frame index to be a keyframe if all tiles/planes are
sync frames
* Move checks to avifAreGridDimensionsValid()
* avifArrayPop() should zero the popped element
* avifDecoderReset() should not return AVIF_FALSE
* Handle avifDecoderDataCreateTile() failures
* Fix endian dependent parameters to avifRWStreamWrite
* Mark the input images of an image grid as hidden
* Write ccst box in Sample Entry for animated images
* Add iso8 to compatible_brands for animated images
* Compare with snapshot of AOM_EXT_PART_ABI_VERSION
* Handle the new AOM_IMG_FMT_NV12 enum conditionally in a switch
statement in aomCodecGetNextImage()
* Fix avifpng.c for libpng 1.4
* Fix -Wformat / -Wformat-non-iso on MinGW UCRT
* Replace some memcpy calls with struct assignments
* Remove unnecessary memcpy() calls in src/utils.c
* Split CMakeLists.txt into tests/CMakeLists.txt
* Use bilinear chroma upsampling in libyuv when possible
* Call libyuv functions to convert 10bpc YUV to 8bpc RGB
* Prepare avif example for non-aborting avifAlloc()
* Handle the tileRowsLog2 and tileColsLog2 members of avifEncoder
correctly for SVT-AV1.
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