libaom v3.1.0 Celestia Released

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Wan-Teh Chang

May 3, 2021, 8:27:41 PM5/3/21
Hello everyone,

libaom v3.1.0 Celestia has been released. The source code of the
release can be checked out from the git repository[1] using the
release tag v3.1.0. Alternatively, the release tarball[2], along with
the signature file[3], can be downloaded.



2021-05-03 v3.1.0
This release adds an "all intra" mode to the encoder, which significantly
speeds up the encoding of AVIF still images at speed 6.

- Upgrading:
All intra mode for encoding AVIF still images and AV1 all intra videos:
AOM_USAGE_ALL_INTRA (2) can be passed as the 'usage' argument to

New encoder control IDs added:
- AV1E_SET_ENABLE_DIAGONAL_INTRA: Enable diagonal (D45 to D203) intra
prediction modes (0: false, 1: true (default)). Also available as
"enable-diagonal-intra" for the aom_codec_set_option() function.

New aom_tune_metric enum value: AOM_TUNE_BUTTERAUGLI. The new aomenc option
--tune=butteraugli was added to optimize the encoder’s perceptual quality by
optimizing the Butteraugli metric. Install libjxl (JPEG XL) and then pass
-DCONFIG_TUNE_BUTTERAUGLI=1 to the cmake command to enable it.

Addition of support for libvmaf 2.x.

- Enhancements:
Heap memory consumption for encoding AVIF still images is significantly

- Bug fixes:
Issue 2601: third_party/libaom fails licensecheck

Issue 2950: Conditional expression for rc->this_key_frame_forced is always
true in find_next_key_frame()

Issue 2988: "make install" installs the aom.h header twice

Issue 2992: Incorrectly printing the temporal_id twice in dump_obu tool

Issue 2998:

Issue 2999:

Issue 3000:
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