How to set resolution for Video Capture

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Dante Zhang

Apr 21, 2021, 6:35:07 AMApr 21
to Android CameraX Discussion Group
Hi there,

I am trying to set the resolution for the final video file through VideoCapture, the code is:

mVideoCapture = new VideoCapture.Builder()
.setTargetResolution(new Size(1920, 1080))

But the resolution I got is 1088 * 1088, and when I put break point at void setupEncoder(@NonNull String cameraId, @NonNull Size resolution), I found the suggest resolution is 1088 * 1088 (BTW, it is the same for the ImageCapture).

However, if I set the aspect ratio instead of setting target resolution like:

mVideoCapture = new VideoCapture.Builder()

The resolution can be 1920 * 1080, so I wonder why the suggest resolution or the final resolution is not we set, and why VideoCapture not using target resolution to setup encoder?

Charcoal Chen

Apr 21, 2021, 10:54:13 PMApr 21
to Dante Zhang, Android CameraX Discussion Group
Hi Dante,

Please refer to the javadoc of ImageCapture.Builder#setTargetResolution() because VideoCapture is actually a hidden class.

=>  The resolution Size should be expressed in the coordinate frame after rotating the supported sizes by the target rotation. For example, a device with portrait natural orientation in natural target rotation requesting a portrait image may specify 480x640, and the same device, rotated 90 degrees and targeting landscape orientation may specify 640x480.

I guess the device is in portrait mode. Please try to specify the target resolution with Size(1080, 1920) and check the result. Then, the size of 1920x1080 should be selected.

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Dante Zhang

Apr 22, 2021, 8:39:49 PMApr 22
to Android CameraX Discussion Group,
That works pretty well, thanks
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