Makers at Amherst Media

This group is for folks interested in building a Maker community for Amherst. Currently, there is just the one list, so we welcome both community/organizing discussions as well as technical support discussion. Eventually, we may create a separate list if these two missions come into conflict. Be welcome!

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Pixel Steven D. Brewer 12/28/16
Drop-in on hiatus Steven D. Brewer 12/7/16
No Drop-in this week Christine Olson 10/25/16
Tuesday, Oct 4 Steven D. Brewer 10/4/16
Shooting Maker show this week Steven D. Brewer 9/19/16
AEF Trivia Bee Steven D. Brewer 9/14/16
Industrious Nerd Steven D. Brewer 8/15/16
No Drop-in Today Christine Olson 6/7/16
June 7 Maker Drop-in in Springfield Steven D. Brewer 5/31/16
computer Holden 4/26/16
M@AM Keepod project cschweik 4/19/16
Outernet dish pointing project cschweik 4/17/16
Congrats to the Outernet receiver Raspberry Pii build team! cschweik 3/30/16
M@AM Outernet Raspberry Pi youth development team? cschweik 2/23/16
UMass Open Source Science/Maker class 'Show and Tell' tomorrow at Amherst Media, ~3:00-4:30 pm cschweik 12/13/15
Fall Makerspace presentations Steven D. Brewer 12/7/15
Barnes & Noble Mini Maker Faire Steven D. Brewer 10/20/15
FW: Make the Best Halloween Costume. EVER at Mount Holyoke College - workshops open to all Five College students mtoyofuku 10/14/15
Trivia Bee Team Steven D. Brewer 10/7/15
Makers show in 2016 schreyer 10/5/15
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