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Jul 27, 2022, 7:13:36 AMJul 27
It is now 14 days after announcing our Free For All presentation opportunity.
  • We do this once a year.
    • Why don't we do it for free more often?
Here are the results to date:
  • After my 2nd reminder, 22 people have signed up to present for free.
    • We cut it off there because we knew they would run out of time to do other required tasks.
    • These are the same tasks required for paying customers the rest of the year.
    • 2 people asked to be removed from our email list (out of more than 10,000)
  • Every one agreed to the terms and conditions as part of their signup, including:
    • You agree to fill out our GWiz(tm) metrics in advance of your recording.
    • You agree to follow instructions, including reading them and doing what they say.
  • As of today, here are the ones who have NOT kept up and those who HAVE
    • 3 dropped out, losing the opportunity
      • 2 of these refused the invitation for the presentation day with no reason
        • I got in touch separately to debug the situation.
          • 1 claimed I was charging them for something - which was not true
            • So they decided to proceed
          • The other one has not yet responded
    • 11 have accepted our invitation for the presentation date and time slot
      • Which means the rest have not yet responded to it...
    • 6 are late in filling out GWiz to the point where they got their last warning earlier today
      • Hopefully they will complete the 28 minute task that is the most important part of the event
    • Another 9 are running late and have gotten their first warning - 2 days to go
    • The other 4 are doing great...
  • The biggest problem (other than a lack of communications from participants) is reflected in this response...
    • "I thought that it would be free of charge."
      • To which I responded:
        • It is - did you get the invitation with the identifier and authenticator and related instructions?
    • Of course SPAM filters may capture some of the emails we provide with instructions
      • Which is why we end each email with a request that they contact us if they have any questions.
As a reminder, here's what we get when companies pay to present:
  • About 80% follow the directions without multiple prompts
  • Only about 1 per quarter (4%) has to delay by a month (sometimes 2 months)
We still help those in need and provide lots of free content:
  • Our occasional videos (we have about 24 posted to date)
  • Our free monthly articles (Since 2006 we have posted 78 of them)
We help grow companies
  • But we can only help those who do the work
  • And our experience with free offers - year after year:
    • When it's free - we pay the fee
I welcome your feedback - contrary opinions are desirable so we can learn from you.

If you have any questions, please email me.
- If you don't want our emails any more, reply and say so-
-This is confidential to the parties I intend it to serve-
       Fred Cohen - 831-200-4006 - AngelToExit.Com
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